What is the lifespan of a sand boa?

up to 15 years

Genus: Eryx
Species: colubrinus loveridgei
Length: Female length: 26 to 32 inches; Male length: up to 15 inches
Weight: Females are generally larger than males, weighing up to 2 pounds.
Average Lifespan: up to 15 years

How big do rough scaled sand boas get?

The Rough Scaled Sand Boa only grows to a length of around 3 feet. They have small scales on their head while their eyes are also small. They usually have dark scales extending back from their eyes, somewhat similar to the dark scales on a Boa Constrictor.

How long do sand boa live in captivity?

With proper care, Sand Boas can live more than 15 years. At Big Apple Pet Supply, we carry only Captive Bred Sand Boas to maintain strict quality control. Sand Boas can be set up in an enclosure as small as 10 gallons (20″ x 10″ x 12″H), and can remain in a small enclosure for the duration of their life.

Why are sand boas so expensive?

Sand Boa snakes are said to have two heads as the tail of this snake also looks like a head, and they have are one of the protected animals that cannot be owned without proper documentation. This process makes it extremely difficult for people to own the reptile and is often the reason behind the high price associated.

Do sand boas have teeth?

Any creature with teeth can bite and Kenyan sand boas often do. They are more apt to bite than many snake species. Even when regularly handled, many sand boas retain this tendency. Although this snake is fairly small, its strike is startlingly fast and its jaws are strong.

Do sand boas like to be held?

Do Kenyan Sand Boas Like To Be Held? Sand Boas are known to tolerate handling and rarely bite their handler. However, if you approach their burrow directly some Boas have a strong feeding response and will strike. It is important to give a snake time to adjust to their enclosure before handling.

Is common sand boa poisonous?

According to police, these rare non-poisonous snakes are used for making certain medicines, cosmetics and in black magic, and are in huge demand in the international market.

Are sand boas good pets?

Sand Boas are excellent reptile pets. They stress out more easily than other boas and most keepers consider them display pets rather than pets to handle often. These snakes are the perfect size for pet owners who want a boa species but one that stays small.

How often should you handle a sand boa?

Use 2 hands to pick your snake up by its middle. Don’t try to lift it by the front third of its body–it might think you are food. These snakes do well with lots of attention and handling, so you can interact with your snake several days a week if you want to.

How often should I feed my sand boa?

Food and Water: Boas eat rodents no larger than the snake’s girth. Baby Sand Boas should be fed once a week.

Does sand boa have two heads?

The ‘two-headed snake’, as it is commonly referred to, is commonly known as the Indian Sand Boa. It does not actually have two heads, as the name suggests, but its tail looks like a head. This non-venomous snake uses its head-like tail as a defense mechanism and hides its actual head when under threat.

Does sand boa bite?

A bite from a Kenyan sand boa is no more severe than a scratch from a housecat, to put it into perspective, but it can still be painful for you and traumatic for the snake, and for these reasons a bite should be avoided.

Which is the best sand boa to buy?

Female Kenyan sand boa, eating pooping and shedding well. Very active and friendly. Born in august. 100% het snow. Will come with complete feeding records. Maple is a Juvenile Sand Boa who came into the rescue due to an unplanned breeding. Maple is fit, healthy, active with a good appetite, calm and easy to handle.

Are there any Mullers sand boas for sale?

Mullers sand boas for sale, gongylophis muelleri. Interesting species similar to the Kenyan sand boa but much rarer and also an egg laying species. £150 Kenyan Sand Boas now available! Baby Kenyan Sand Boas available. These were born in June and are now feeding on defrost mice. These are not usually often seen for sale.

What kind of animal is ash the sand boa?

Ash is a Juvenile Sand Boa who came into the rescue due to an unplanned breeding. Ash is fit, healthy, active with a good appetite, calm and easy to handle. We have a fully stocked retail department… Wanting to find an Anery morph male Kenyan sandboa.

What kind of enclosure does a Kenyan sand boa need?

CB 2019 female Kenyan sand boa with heatmat and thermostat and in a large exo plastic enclosure. She is a fussy feeder as well as Viv defensive, requires going to someone who has experience with such…