What is the study of skin ailments?

Dermatology is the medical specialty responsible for the study of more than 4,000 diseases of skin and cutaneous adnexae, accounting for 15% to 30% of outpatient medical care in health systems, incorporating a wide arsenal of diagnostic, therapeutic, and aesthetic resources.1, 2, 3.

What is Cerises skin condition?

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes skin cells to multiply up to 10 times faster than normal. This makes the skin build up into bumpy red patches covered with white scales. They can grow anywhere, but most appear on the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. Psoriasis can’t be passed from person to person.

What causes a person to have a skin condition?

Allergies, irritants, genetic makeup, certain diseases, and immune system problems can cause skin conditions.

What are the different types of skin conditions?

Eczema refers to a broad range of conditions that begin as spongiotic dermatitis and may progress to a lichenified stage. Pustular dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that presents with pustular lesions. Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic, superficial, inflammatory disease characterized by scaling on an erythematous base.

Are there any skin ailments that last all year?

Skin ailments and diseases can be a problem all year round. Dry, itchy skin is common in the winter while skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can cause daily itching and redness. If you’re athletic, athlete’s foot and foot problems like calluses and blisters may be frequent problems.

What kind of skin condition can cause skin cancer?

The skin is thin and may split easily to form slow-healing sores called ulcers that might lead to skin cancer. People who get this condition likely have diabetes or will have it soon. Your doctor may wait on treatment if you don’t have ulcers yet.

What is the best treatment for skin disease?

Treatment of atopic dermatitis is typically with moisturizers and steroid creams. The steroid creams should generally be of mid- to high strength and used for less than two weeks at a time as side effects can occur. Antibiotics may be required if there are signs of skin infection.

What is a ten rash?

The TEN rash starts in the mucous membranes, usually of the mouth and eyes, and may involve other mucous membranes in severe cases. Then the skin lesions common to TEN develop. These lesions are often called “target lesions” because they have a white, bluish, or purple center surrounded by a circle of red.

What is commonly spread skin disease?

Infections are spread indirectly when skin or mucous membrane comes in contact with contaminated objects or surfaces. Examples of diseases spread by skin or mucous membrane contact: chickenpox. cold sores (herpes simplex infection) conjunctivitis. hand, foot and mouth disease. head lice. molluscum contagiosum.

What are types of rashes itch?