What is the sweetest guinea pig breed?

The Silkie, or Sheltie, guinea pig’s hair grows back away from its face and down its back, though shouldn’t part down the middle, according to breed standards. Silkies come in a number of different colors, and they’re known as the most gentle breed, according to Somerzby Pet Products.

How old do guinea pigs get in a year?

Guinea pig aging process Human Age Guinea Pig Age 0-8 years 0-3 months 9-16 years 4-6 months 17-30 years 6 month-1 year 31-40 years 1-3 year

Can you put a baby guinea pig in with an older guinea pig?

Yes, this can often work quite well. Older guinea pigs are less likely to perceive the smaller, younger guinea pig as a threat and so pairs like this tend to get on relatively well. Keep a close eye on them for several hours to ensure that they’re getting on well,…

How can you tell when a guinea pig is getting old?

There are many other signs you should look out for. Loss of vision, change in the color of fur, sleeping a lot, or loss of hearing indicate that your guinea pig is getting older. You will also notice a loss in weight, mobility problems, inability to groom, and stress due to changes in the environment.

When to bathe and groom a baby guinea pig?

Baby Guinea Pig Grooming You should avoid grooming your baby guinea pig until there are old enough. In some cases, bathing a newborn pup will wash and shed away their sensitive skin. Ideally, you want to wait until they’re adolescent guinea pigs before washing them frequently.

What happens to a guinea pig when it gets old?

As is the case with old lady Feebee, mobility seems to be one of the most common issues experienced by older guinea pigs. As guinea pigs age, their joints are prone to become inflamed and develop arthritis. This means that older guinea pigs don’t explore or exercise as much as their younger counterparts.

What’s the average life span of a guinea pig?

The average life span of a guinea pig is 5 to 7 years, give or take. Guinea pigs will start to develop these old-age related challenges in the later years of its life, and older guinea pigs don’t recover from illness as quickly as young guinea pigs.

Why does my guinea pig keep dropping weight?

The Lots of people may notice their older piggy dropping weight and so they increase the amount of pellets they give, only to have their guinea pig — especially males — wind up with bladder stones. If you insist on giving your guinea pig veggie snacks, make sure they are low calcium veggies.

When do guinea pigs start to get bladder stones?

Older cavies are more prone to developing bladder stones. Bladder stones usually start occurring after age three. It’s advised that older guinea pigs receive limited pellets; a low protein and low calcium timothy hay pellet is advisable.