What kind of discharge does a dog have after breeding?

It’s off white with a hint of yellow/green, no foul odor & heavy cream. The first week after breeding she had the brownish discharge as the blood resided but she’s a bitch that bleeds her entire heat cycle so that was normal for her. This discharge is new to me… This type of discharge is what I would associate with a positive pregnancy.

When do Bull Terriers discharge after being bred?

Discharge 2 weeks after being bred! Discussion in ‘ Dog Breeding ‘ started by CountryBumpkn, Apr 9, 2015 . Not open for further replies. I have a 3 year old Bull Terrier that was bred March 24, 26 & 27th all with fresh chilled semen via AI.

What makes a black dog turn a red color?

Red hair syndrome – This is a progressive change in dogs with black coat color from black to red or rust brown. Diets deficient in protein can transform coat colors to dark reddish brown or rust color.

Is it normal for a pregnant dog to have a discharge?

I don’t remember any of my pregnant bitches having a discharge, but if it’s clean and has no odour, and if your vet has seen her and isn’t concerned, then I wouldn’t think there is anything much amiss.

Why does my dog have a brown discharge?

If its color is darker and there is an unpleasant smell, the pet must be shown to the veterinarian, as this may indicate the intrauterine death of one of the puppies or other complications of pregnancy. Brown, less often bright red discharge, replaced later by transparent mucous liquid is a sign of menstruation.

What kind of discharge does a dog get after mating?

Discharge coming from dog’s vulva immediately after mating in form of whitish liquid of thick consistency is a natural reaction to seminal fluid and lasts several days. A slightly pinkish shade is also characteristic.

How often does a dog have postpartum discharge?

In dogs, it occurs 1-2 times a year and lasts 20-22 days. Brown postpartum discharge from a dog’s vulva continues up to 2-3 weeks, gradually changing its color from brown to white or slightly pinkish. Its duration depends on the number of puppies in the litter.

Why does my female dog have dark vaginal discharge?

Another reason for dark vaginal discharge in female dogs that have given birth is the subinvolution of the placental site. This occurs when the uterus cannot return to its pre-pregnancy size. It is most likely to happen in younger bitches. After delivery is is normal for a dog to sport up to 6 weeks.