What kind of dog is a miniature schnauzer?

Miniature Schnauzers are little dogs with big hearts. They are known to be robust and spirited with wiry coats that come in three distinct color patterns. These are salt and pepper, black and silver, and solid black.

When to take your miniature schnauzer to the vet?

If you see any signs of gastrointestinal problems, get your Miniature Schnauzer to a vet immediately. Mini schnauzers are susceptible to some rare blood diseases. Such as hemolytic anemia and thrombocytopenia, which happen when the immune system starts attacking the dog’s own cells.

Where can I get a miniature schnauzer fixed in Texas?

You can also call my veterinarian’s anytime at Companion Animal Clinic in Yucca Valley CA (760)-228-1474 speak to Dr. Smith or at Adkins vet Hospital in Fairfield TX (903) – 389- 6838 speak to Dr Adkin or Dr. Beck If you do not want your puppy fixed that is a ok, you will just need to pay a $1,000 dollar breeding rights fee.

What to look for in a miniature schnauzer growth chart?

The Miniature Schnauzer growth chart gives you an estimate of your puppy’s adult size based on the standard at that age. However, remember that if you find your miniature schnauzer’s weight is a lot less than on the chart, you need to look at his overall health and wellbeing.

What is the standard size for a schnauzer?

The Standard Schnauzer is a medium size dog. Males stand about 18 to 20 inches high at the shoulders with the females being about an inch smaller. They weigh from 30 to 50 pounds.

How much are miniature schnauzer?

On average, Miniature Schnauzer puppies sold from breeders can cost between $500 to $2,700. Again, any Miniature Schnauzer puppy that is going to be considered show quality is going to be more expensive while Miniature Schnauzer puppies sold primarily for companionship are going to be on…

How many puppies can a schnauzer have?

Depending on which type of Schnauzer you are getting, litter size will vary. Miniature Schnauzers will generally have a litter of 3 to 5 or 6 puppies. Standard Schnauzers have larger litters with 6 to 10 puppies, while the Giant will have 5 to 8 Schnauzer puppies.

How big is a Miniature Schnauzer puppy?

When a Miniature Schnauzer is born it typically weights between 4 and 9 ounces and will be about 3 to 7 inches long. By 2 weeks, puppies will double their birth weight. At 1 month, puppies will weigh between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds.

When does a miniature schnauzer open his eyes?

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks At this time, your Miniature schnauzer will begin to use his sense of hearing and open his eyes. He will begin to gain muscles that are sturdy and allow him to stand up, play with his siblings, run, and bark. His teeth will also start to appear.

What makes a miniature schnauzer a good ratter?

Still, deep down, the Miniature Schnauzer is a ratter just like all other terriers. His days of intense ratting may be over, but he still retains the traits that made him an excellent ratter – awareness, alertness, speed, and desire to please his owner.

How did the Schnauzer 4 get its name?

It’s largely believed that German farmers bred the Spitz and the Bolognese (also known as the “dog of Boulogne”) to produce the Schnauzer 4. They then called it “Schnauzer” in reference to the beard on the muzzle (the German word for “muzzle” is “schnauze”).

What makes a miniature schnauzer a good family dog?

Miniature Schnauzers make wonderful family dogs. They are extremely intelligent, agile, and they require a lot of activity, so an active family is best to help work out this dog’s energy. They can be territorial, alert to anyone that may pose a threat to their family.

How old is Felipe the mini Schnauzer dog?

Felipe is sure to steal some hearts! Felipe is currently 4 months old and weighed 12 lbs at his last vet visit. This mini schnauzer is mo… … is very friendly and loves to be picked up and held.

When did Fernweh the Miniature Schnauzer join the family?

Our salt and pepper Fernweh Miniature Schnauzer Churchill, joined the family last August. It was a long-awaited surprise for our daughter. We are very thankful to Erica and her family for our great puppy. The adoption process and delivery were very smooth.

How did the Schnauzer breed get its name?

The Schnauzer type consists of three breeds – the Giant, Standard and Miniature. Their name was derived from the German word “Schnauze” which means “muzzle or mustache”, indicating their distinctively bearded snout.