What kind of fish do you use to catch flounder?

Use live baitfish. Flounder respond well to live fish such as minnow, mullet and croakers. Sea worms and clams are also effective. Hook larger baitfish through the lips, and smaller baitfish through the eye.

Can a flounder be kept in an aquarium?

For the most part, flounder are semi-aggressive fish and they need to be kept in very large aquariums. Do not keep these fish with any species small enough to be viewed as prey. The flounder is also known as a flatfish which is a fitting name because its body is laterally compressed and it lays on its side.

Why do flounder have both eyes on the same side?

Flounder are grayish-brown with lighter spots, helping them blend in with sandy, pebbled riverbeds and estuaries. Flounder have both eyes on the same side of their head, enabling them to see what’s happening above them as they lie on their sides.

What kind of food does a brown flounder eat?

Most flounder exhibit combinations of brown, cream, gray, black, or white. Flounders are carnivorous fish, feeding primarily on small fish and crustaceans in the wild. In the home aquarium, flounders should be offered a variety of fresh and frozen meaty foods including worms, shrimp, and small fish.

Where is the best place to catch flounder in Sebastian Inlet?

Sebastian Inlet, in particular, is a famed hot spot for fishing the annual migration. When the flounder start running, you may see a dozen boats anchored out there all gunning for these fish. Having the mobility of a boat is a great luxury, but plenty of anglers also do well targeting flounder from shore.

How many filets of flounder do you need to clean?

Two from the top side and two slightly thinner filets from the bottom (white) side of the fish. Cleaning flounder is a little different from other fish, so be sure to watch the videos below about fileting flounder for eating.

Where to catch flounder in saltwater in Florida?

Flounder is one of the most often overlooked fish in Florida saltwater. But it’s one of the easiest to catch from shore or while wade fishing. You’ll find flounder (also called “fluke”) anywhere there is a sandy bottom, since they lay flat on the bottom. They are an odd-looking fish if you’ve never seen a “flatfish.”.

What kind of bait do you use for flounder?

Big Flounder are taken mostly with live fish as bait. Finger Mullet are favorites everywhere. Smaller fish—and big ones at times—will also hit live or dead shrimp and cut baits. While most fish-imitating lures will take Flounder, jigs are the most productive.