What kind of lizard has blue and red appendage?

Fan-throated lizard (Sitana ponticeriana) – Male. Gular appendage tricoloured—blue, black, and red; this appendage is more developed in the breeding-season, and in the majority of individuals, at all events, is not coloured at other times. Anup Deodhar

Is the Reptile Room Part One a transcript?

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Who is Lemony Snicket in the Reptile Room?

Lemony pauses to listen to the crocodile. My name is Lemony Snicket and it is my sworn duty to carefully research the dire plight of the Baudelaire orphans, but there is no reason to make yourself as miserable and melancholy as I am. Lemony pauses again.

Where can I find free images of reptiles?

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How to avoid visiting blue lizard reptile shop?

Keep visits as short as possible, collecting essential items only (you can phone your order ahead if you wish). Keep a distance of 2 meters away from staff instore, using contactless payments where possible. If you should be self isolating – PLEASE DO NOT VISIT – we can deliver to you.

Which is the best reptile shop on the Internet?

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What are the most unusual reptiles in the world?

Though many people only seem interested in the reptiles of the past – the huge and intimidating dinosaurs – that does not at all mean today’s reptiles aren’t just as unique and exotic. And that is what this list will focus on; some of the strangest and most unique reptiles found in our world today.