What kind of snake has blue and white stripes?

Bluestripe ribbon snake
Family: Colubridae
Genus: Thamnophis
Species: T. sauritus
Subspecies: T. s. nitae

Are blue striped snakes poisonous?

While most species are classified as harmless (non-venomous), their bite can cause minor swelling or itching in humans, and anyone bitten by a garter snake should clean the bite thoroughly. It is not ultimately a cause for concern.

What kind of snake is a blue snake?

Eastern racer snake
The scientific name of the blue racer snake is Coluber constrictor foxii. It is a subspecies of the Eastern racer snake, a species that is endemic to North and Central America.

Where are blue racer snakes found?

The blue racer (Coluber constrictor foxii) is the subspecies found in Minnesota. It occurs in ten counties in southern Minnesota where localized populations inhabit the Mississippi, Minnesota, and St. Croix river valleys.

What type of snake makes a good pet?

5 Great Pet Snakes

  • Corn Snake.
  • California Kingsnake.
  • Rosy Boa.
  • Gopher Snake.
  • Ball Python.

Are blue snakes rare?

There aren’t that many blue colored snakes out there in the world. In fact, there are very few. One of the most vibrant blue snakes you’re going to learn about today is called the Blue Racer Snake. The Blue Racer Snake earned it’s name much because of it’s vibrant scale colors.

What kind of snake is black with white stripes?

Common Garter Snakes are normally bluish-gray or black. They have one bright stripe down their spine and a lighter cream stripe on either side of their body. 1. Common Garter Snake The Common Garter Snake is one of the most widespread wild snakes in North America.

How big is a black and white garter snake?

Garter Snakes have red-colored tongues which are tipped in black. Their chin, throat, and belly significantly resemble stripes in coloration including white to yellow, greenish, blue, or brown. The range body length of a garter snake is between 46-137 cm in total and their average length is 88cm. Their average body weight is around 150g.

What kind of color does a Texan snake have?

Most Texan snakes have a dark olive or black base color with longitudinal stripes on the back and sides. The vertebral stripe can be cream-yellow but is often a pale orange. The side stripes can be bright white.

What kind of snake has a brown belly?

Looking to ID a snake with light brown body color on top with sharp copper stripe running length. Snake was small and appears to be juvenile, no idea of belly color or overall length as it was shy and went under crawlspace but hanging out at c/s door.

What kind of snake is black with a blue stripe?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The bluestripe ribbon snake ( Thamnophis sauritus nitae) is a ribbon snake that occurs along the Gulf Coast in Florida. Adults are thin and are black with a mid-dorsal stripe that is a lighter shade of black and two blue stripes, hence the name “bluestripe ribbon snake”.

What snake is brown with red belly?

Red-bellied Watersnake ( Nerodia erythrogaster) Photos by J.D. Willson unless otherwise noted. Description: Red-bellied watersnakes are fairly large — 30-48 in (76-122 cm) semi-aquatic snakes. They are generally dark brown, light brown, or grey with a bright orange to yellowish, unpatterned underside.

What is the yellow and black striped snake called?

The common garter snake ( Thamnophis sirtalis) is a species of natricine snake, which is indigenous to North America and found widely across the continent. Most common garter snakes have a pattern of yellow stripes on a black, brown or green background, and their average total length (including tail)…

What snake is red with black and orange stripes?

The coral snake is the only red-and-black-banded venomous snake in the United States, but other nonvenomous banded snakes can be found around the country. In California, for example, you can find ground snakes and other species with black bands, sometimes with reddish or orange accompanying markings.

Are blue striped garter snakes poisonous?

So, are garter snakes poisonous? No, they’re not considered poisonous to humans. With the exception of a few species, which are capable of causing anaphylaxis in certain individuals that are bitten due to their mild venom but are still not considered dangerous to humans.

Is there a blue garter snake?

Blue-Striped Garter Snake The Bluestripe Garter Snake is one of many subspecies of the Common Garter Snake. Blue-Striped Garter Snakes have the same dark gray base color as most Garters, but their stripes look as if they were painted on with a blue highlighter. Species: Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis.

Blue racer snakes’ range covers all of the lower peninsula of Michigan as well as the most southern tip of the upper peninsula down through northern Indiana, Illinois, into parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, and the most southern tip of Ontario, Canada on Pelee Island in Lake Erie.

Are Blue Racers aggressive?

Sometimes, when threatened, the Blue Racer will move into bushes or small trees. When annoyed by a person it becomes very aggressive and strikes out at its tormentor. And its bite can be rather painful. During the winter, Blue Racers often hibernate in large numbers and with other kinds of snakes.

Are Blue Racers dangerous?

Are blue racer snakes dangerous to humans? These beautiful animals are harmless and should be left alone. They are not venomous nor are they poisonous, which is a common myth.

Are Blue Racers good pets?

The blue racer snake is one of the few species of blue snakes in the world. This species is scientifically known as the Coluber constrictor foxii. Despite the controversies associated with this species it is a desired pet.