What reptile has the longest tail?

Asian grass lizard
Lengthy Lizards By this calculation, the Asian grass lizard likely has the world’s longest tail, says Don Moore, director of the Oregon Zoo in Portland. This tiny reptile has a 10-inch (25-centimeter) tail, more than three times the length of its body.

What animals have a long tail?

Which Animal Has the Longest Tail?

  • #10 Longest Tail: The Giraffe.
  • #9 Longest Tail: The Common Thresher Shark.
  • #8 Longest Tail: The Long-Eared Jerboa.
  • #7 Longest Tail: Eastern Glass Lizard.
  • # 6 Longest Tail: The Ring-Tailed Lemur.
  • #5 Longest Tail: The Black Spider Monkey.
  • #4 Longest Tail: The Angola Colobus.

What is a long tailed lizard called?

Plestiodon fasciatus
Species: P. fasciatus
Binomial name
Plestiodon fasciatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

What are the four types of reptiles?

Reptile itself is a class (Reptilia) under phylum Chordata. Living reptiles are of four types: Turtles and Tortoises, Snakes and Lizards, Crocodiles and Caiman, and Tuatara.

Which is the most common type of reptile?

Lizards are the most common type of reptile. Most lizards have four legs and long tails. Reptiles cannot keep their bodies warm by burning food. Instead they rely on sources of heat in their environment to keep warm. Snakes are reptiles with long, thin bodies and no legs.

What kind of animals have a long tail?

7 Fascinating Animals With Long Tails You Should See 1 Long-Tailed Tit. 2 Asian Grass Lizard. 3 Long-Tailed Weasel. 4 Crab-Eating Macaque. 5 Ring-Tailed Lemur. 6 Spider Monkey. 7 Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia. …

What kind of snake has a yellow tail?

Water Moccasins (Cottonmouth Snakes) 1 Large snakes, 2-4 feet in length with a very heavy body 2 Color varies from solid brown or brown or yellow with dark crossbands 3 Juveniles have a yellow tail tip 4 Head is distinctly triangular (due to venom glands)

What kind of lizard is a legless lizard?

California legless lizard Anolis carolinensis [popup] Green anole Anolis chlorocyanus [popup] Haitian green anole Anolis cristatellus [popup] Crested Anole Anolis cybotes [popup] Large-headed anole Anolis distichus [popup] Bark Anole Anolis equestris [popup] Knight Anole Anolis extremus [popup] Barbados anole Anolis ferreus [popup]

Are there any lizards that can lose their tail?

At least some species in most of the families of lizards are capable of tail-loss except for all species of chameleons, beaded lizards, the Bornean earless lizard, monitors and xenosaurs. Many lizards are fearsome predators themselves, feeding on insects, birds and even mammals and other members of the reptile family.

What kind of animal has a short tail?

Weasel-Like Animals: Short-tailed Weasel This weasel has a dark tail top and typically white feet. They are smaller than the long-tailed weasel and have a relatively shorter tail dark-tipped tail but like their long-tailed counterparts, they are brown in the summer and white in the winter.

What are the names of the different types of lizards?

The classification or taxonomy of lizards can be subject to interpretation and change but here are the major groups and families: Diploglossa: knob-scaled or xenosaurs; glass and American legless lizards Gekkota: geckos, blind and legless lizards Iguania: iguanas, agamas, anoles, chameleons; casquehead, collared, leopard,…

The Asian grass lizard has the longest tail in both the reptile and animal world. Its tail measures approximately 10 inches, which is three times the length of its body.

What are long tailed lizards called?

Takydromus sexlineatus, the Asian grass lizard, six-striped long-tailed grass lizard, or long-tailed grass lizard, is an arboreal, diurnal species of lizard. The tail length is usually over three times the body (snout to vent) length in this species.