What should I consider when buying a French Bulldog?

However, you should also consider the cost of purchasing food, vaccinations, grooming supplies, and the cost of veterinary care if your Frenchie suffers from any type of health condition. Despite they’re overall pleasant temperament, some French Bulldogs have a stubborn personality.

Who are the owners of the brindle French Bulldog?

Will is the proud co-owner of Frankie, a Female Brindle French Bulldog, with his wife Michelle. We share our Frenchie experiences with the world to help health-conscious French Bulldog owners who want a happy, healthy, and long-living dog.

Why does a French Bulldog drool so much?

Many different breeds of dog have a tendency to drool, the Frenchie is no exception. Having a short snout and flat-face makes it hard for them to cool down, the drooling seen in Frenchies is their way of lowering their body temperature when they overheat.

Are there any health issues with a French Bulldog?

In addition, Frenchies are known to suffer from several eye conditions including cherry eye, entropion, and juvenile cataracts and auto-immune disorders. Some Frenchies develop skin allergies, while others develop food allergies that require them to need a special, more expensive brand of dog food.

What should I know before buying a French Bulldog?

So, if you are looking to buy a French Bulldog puppy to be a part of your family, how can you make sure that the breeder you buy from is reputable, licenced and trustworthy? And how can you be sure that the dog you buy is healthy, socialised and well raised?

Is it possible to get ripped off by a French Bulldog?

French Bulldog Scams: How to Avoid Being Ripped Off! French Bulldogs are one of the most popular and highly sought-after breeds of dog on the planet. However, as with anything that has an ever-increasing high demand the opportunities for scammers to take your hard-earned money has also increased.

What to do if your French Bulldog has a chronic illness?

Vet bills can quickly add up and those with Frenchies suffering from a chronic illness may struggle to afford these expenses. This is why we recommend getting your Frenchie from a highly reputable breeder and investing in pet insurance for these reasons.

What do you call a French bulldog that is gregarious?

You’ll often hear French Bulldogs described as ‘gregarious’, which is usually a polite euphamism for ‘they’re sorta slutty and will ditch you for the first person to offer them a cookie and scratch on the head’. 4. Drooling isn’t unknown, and neither is messy eating and drinking.