What should I do after Cherry eye surgery for my Dog?

What should I do after Cherry eye surgery for my Dog?

Aftercare for Animal Eye Surgeries. Following surgery for cherry eye in dogs and any other type of surgery on your pet’s eye, careful aftercare is necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet. Please give any prescribed medications according to your veterinarian’s instructions.

Why does my dog have a cherry eye?

Although some cases of Cherry Eye can occur due to infection or trauma, most cases are spontaneous and an underlying cause is never identified. Cherry Eye not only looks unpleasant, but it can also cause problems for your pet if left untreated.

Are there any side effects of cherry eye surgery?

The most common complications of this type of surgery include failure of the sutures holding the gland in place, which can lead to the recurrence of the Cherry Eye. If this occurs, a second surgery may be necessary to put the gland back in place. In rare cases, damage to the gland can occur, causing chronic dry eye.

What is the best treatment for cherry eye?

Damage to the gland, chronic dry eye, and ulceration of the cornea can all occur if the gland is not returned to its normal position. The best treatment for Cherry Eye is surgery to put the gland back in its normal position. The gland is moved back into place and held there with small sutures.

Can a dog with cherry eye be cured?

Most cases of cherry eye can be cured, even if it takes a few surgeries or a visit to a specialist eye hospital. If your dog has had cherry eye in one eye they are at risk of developing it in the other. Dogs that get cherry eye often get dry eye as well. For this reason, your vet may want to check your dog’s tear production from time to time.

Can a cherry eye pop out after surgery?

Care after surgery It is fairly common for a cherry eye to pop out again after surgery. To reduce the chance of this happening take the following precautions: Ensure your dog wears a buster collar after surgery – it’s vitally important they don’t rub or scratch their eye.

How much does a cherry eye surgery cost?

Treatment for cherry eye can cost hundreds of pounds. If the surgery needs to be repeated the cost will increase. Think about insuring your dog as soon as you get them, before any signs of illness start, so you have all the support you need to care for them.

What should I do with my dog after surgery?

In most cases, that means restricting how much activity they engage in. “Confinement after surgery allows the tissue that was cut to heal back together,” says Dr. Chelsea Sykes, DVM, a veterinary surgeon at the new SPCA Tampa Bay Veterinary Center.