What should I do if my Pomeranian has diarrhea?

What should I do if my Pomeranian has diarrhea?

The vet may ask for a stool sample which can be placed in a small zipped plastic bag. You may want to place a doggie diaper on your Pom for the ride there. Treatment varies depending of the cause of the diarrhea. Pomeranians that have become severely dehydrated may be given intravenous fluid to balance out fluids.

What happens to a Pom when it has diarrhea?

2- A Pom’s bum may become very sore very quickly. When a dog has diarrhea, digestive enzymes are being expelled with the stools, which can burn the sensitive skin of the anus. The skin may then become inflamed, red and very sore (See also: Pomeranian skin problems ). It will be important to keep the area clean and dry.

How much food should a Pomeranian eat per day?

Here’s a quick list of food quantities appropriate for your puppy Pomeranian’s weight: 1 pounds: 0.5 cup 2 pounds: 0.75 cup 3 pounds: 1 cup 4 pounds: 1.25 cups 5 pounds: 2 cups

What should I Feed my 6 year old Pomeranian with an upset tummy?

It may take a day or three. But if you have a Pom on the small underweight side, only feed her eukanuba puppy food. The tiny ones. It’s worth buying the large bag because it will last 6 months if contained properly. My Pom is 6 pounds and six years old.

What happens when a Pomeranian puppy has diarrhea?

Out of all of the types of stomach and intestinal issues that can occur with a puppy or dog, when a Pomeranian develops diarrhea, this can be troubling to say the least. This small toy breed dog is vulnerable to the quick dehydration that often occurs with this ailment, not to mention discomfort, weakness, and other elements.

When to take a pom to the vet for diarrhea?

If you have assessed your Pom, and he does not have bloody diarrhea, vomiting and/or a fever and shows no other troubling signs other than the diarrhea itself, you can often treat this at home for 1 to 2 days to see if it clears up before taking him to the vet.

How much diarrhea should I give my Puppy?

Because most puppies are relatively small, you will probably want to give your puppy just a teaspoon or two. If your puppy is 50 pounds or more, you will want to do a tablespoon.

How much Pepto Bismol should I give my Dog for diarrhea?

For over 30 pounds, a full tablet regular strength. Try no more than 1 tablespoon of Pepto Bismol for dog diarrhea. Pepto bismol (bismuth subsalicylate): for dog diarrhea can be helpful for ending dog diarrhea.