What should I do if my rabbit is dragging its back legs?

She may also recommend dietary changes and other care such as eye drops, ointments, drugs to control dizziness. Sometimes you’ll need to create comfort, easy to get around type house for your rabbit with hind legs paralysis. The best way to prevent e.cuniculi is by disinfecting or removing infected rabbits from other rabbits.

How to tell if a rabbit’s back is broken?

How Do You Tell If A Rabbit’s Back Is Broken? 1 Dragging his legs 2 Unable to sit or stand upright 3 Less movement in its legs and tail 4 Weird way of standing 5 Can’t hop 6 Paralysis of limbs 7 Acts like its in pain 8 Lethargy or depressed looking 9 Seems guarded, scared 10 Incontinent 11 Increased strength in front legs, less in back legs

Why does my rabbit have weakness in its back legs?

Certain diseases or illness cause hind leg weakness or paralysis in a rabbit. Here are some potential causes: Parasitic infectio n-One of the most well known parasitic infections is Encephalitozoon cuniculi or e.cuniculi. Age related weakness- Arthritis can cause rabbits to be weak in the legs.

Can a rabbit live without its back legs?

Hind leg paralysis is when your rabbit can’t use its back legs. Your rabbit can live without moving their hind legs, but you would need to adjust its environment. Here are the symptoms of weak hind legs or paralysis:

Why is my rabbit dragging his back legs?

When a rabbit suddenly starts dragging the back legs, they need to see a vet ASAP. Most spinal injuries can be easily seen on standard X-rays. Please keep them calm and as still as possible in the meantime. E. cuniculi is the most common cause of gradual loss of hind leg function in young rabbits.

What does it mean when a rabbit has four legs?

University of Miami Biology Department Some rabbits are born with a condition known as “splay-leg,” in which the front legs, hind legs or all four legs splay out to the side like little seal flippers.

What should I do if my rabbit lost his back legs?

This can result in temporary or permanent inability to use the back legs. If you know or suspect that your rabbit has suffered a traumatic injury, keep him as still as possible and do not attempt to manipulate the injured area.

Can a rabbit stand on its front legs?

Successfully assembled, the brace should allow the bunny to stand, though he will (at least temporarily) not be able to move the front legs independently.