What should I Feed my guinea pig every day?

Guinea pigs should get at least 10% of their body weight in vegetables a day which is around one cup per day per guinea pig. If your pigs have never eaten any veggies, you can start off with carrots since they are usually easy to digest.

What should I do if my guinea pig wont eat or drink?

Introduce the syringe tip into the mouth behind the front incisors and depress the plunger slowly, giving your guinea pig time to swallow. If your guinea pig is still mobile, encourage exercise for at least 10–15 minutes every 6–8 hours, as activity promotes gastric motility.

What foods should I Not Feed my guinea pig?

Avoid these types since they can upset their stomach and try to only give them sweet apples Bananas: Both the peel and the banana can be eaten by your guinea pig, but since bananas are low in vitamin C and high in sugar you should only give it in very small quantities Berries are tasty and unproblematic treats.

What should I do if my pigs are not eating?

Honey: Farmers have also found that pigs like honey. Put a tablespoon or two full of honey in their water, and they may drink some water. Clean Their Water: PIgs will not drink water if it is dirty. Could you take a look at their water?

What should I do if my guinea pig won’t eat?

Blend or mix a guinea pig “smoothie” that contains hay, water and ground up pellets and feed it to him. Don’t force your guinea pig to eat or drink if he doesn’t want to.

When to take a guinea pig to the vet?

Going without food and water is extremely dangerous for a guinea pig. As few as 12 hours without food runs the risk of inducing gut stasis, which can be fatal unless treated promptly. As a rule, if a guinea pig doesn’t eat for 12 – 24 hours, then see a vet immediately.

Is there any way to tell if a guinea pig is dying?

However, there are no behavioral cues that 100% guarantee that your guinea pig is dying; some may give no warning whatsoever, while others may appear to be on their deathbeds but live for quite some time after. Some potential signs include: [2] Estimate his age.

What causes a guinea pig to pass away?

There are many reasons a guinea pig might die, but gastric stasis is one of the common causes of unexpected death. This is when the gut ‘goes to sleep’ and is unable to process food. The guinea pig rapidly becomes weaker and can pass away in just a few days.