What should I Feed my turtle with swollen eyes?

Ensure that the diet contains commercial pellet, fresh leafy vegetables, occasional fruits, calcium supplement and protein. In most of the cases, swollen eyes occur because of vitamin A deficiency. So, feed your turtles food that is enriched with vitamin A such as sweet potato, kale, carrot, spinach etc.

Why are the eyes of a turtle so swollen?

Swollen eyes make it hard for the turtle to see or eat. This too can lead to starvation and death. Swollen eyes typically occur with an eye infection, and is an early sign of vitamin A deficiency. First of all, this deficiency causes the Harderian glands to swell up.

What happens to a turtle when it stops eating?

Vitamin A deficiency is linked to respiratory infections in turtles as well. Other symptoms of a respiratory infection include wheezing, trouble breathing, sneezing, runny nose, swollen eyes, and a lack of energy. If your turtle has stopped eating and stopped going to the bathroom, your turtle may be constipated.

What should I do if my red ear slider turtle is not eating?

There is no at home treatment, and this can only get worse. You can treat the eyes with some Saline eye drops without presevatives, as the turtle eye drops are worthless, and this is an infection that will need to be treated with an antibiotic. The turtles should have a cuttle bone for calcium. A UVB light is needed.

Why do turtles have red eyes?

One of the most common causes for turtles to have swollen, puffy, closed or red eyes, is related to water quality. In some species, a high concentration to chlorine can cause them to have adverse reactions.

Why are my turtles eyes swollen and closed?

Swollen eyes is actually a very common eye disease for turtles. If your turtle is suffering from this disease, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, this health issue may lead to the permanent blinding of the turtle. There are two main causes of turtle swollen eyes: vitamin A deficiency and poor water quality .

Do turtles have eyelids?

Turtles actually have 3 eyelids. They have an upper and lower outer lid, and a 3rd lid that’s just a thin membrane (which is probably what you saw.) It’s called the nictitating (I hope I spelled that right) membrane.