What time of year do corn snakes hatch?

Corn snakes mate in April-June and about one to two months later the female will lay about 10-15 eggs in one clutch. She tends to lay them in stumps, logs, or burrows that are warm and humid. The young snakes hatch two to three months later.

How many babies does a corn snake have at a time?

Corn snakes are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs that later hatch. In late May to July, the female snake lays a clutch of 10 to 30 eggs in rotting stumps, piles of decaying vegetation or other similar locations with sufficient heat and humidity to incubate the eggs.

How long does it take a corn snake to lay eggs?

Damp spaghnum or peat moss works great.The female usually lays eggs 30-45 days after breeding. Most will have a pre-lay shed after breeding, then lay eggs 7-14 days after the shed. Make sure you have the egg laying box in her home in plenty of time. Once in a while, a corn snake will lay her eggs right before the pre lay shed.

What’s the best way to breed a corn snake?

Egg Laying – Provide a secluded and humid place for your female to lay her eggs. Egg Incubation – Retrieve the eggs gently and place them in a suitable incubator for about 8 weeks. Ensure the temperature is around 78-80 °F (26-27 °C) and humidity is 75-80%. Hatching – Await the arrival of your hatchlings.

What’s the best way to get a snake to lay eggs?

Plenty of plastic boxes with lids (reptile boxes or repurposed boxes). One will be used as a ‘nesting box’ for your snake to lay her eggs in, and several will be used to place the eggs in before they are put in the incubator.

What happens when a corn snake egg goes bad?

If an egg has perished or starts to go bad it will usually turn quite dark and shrivel up. It’s surprising which eggs make it so rather than removing these we would recommend isolating them in a separate tub or to it’s own corner of the same tub.