What type of creature is a earthworm?

Earthworm, also called angleworm, any one of more than 1,800 species of terrestrial worms of the class Oligochaeta (phylum Annelida)—in particular, members of the genus Lumbricus.

What is the largest earthworm ever recorded?

Microchaetus rappi
The longest earthworm is Microchaetus rappi of South Africa. In 1967 a giant specimen measuring 6.7 m (21 ft) in length when naturally extended and 20 mm (0.8 in) in diameter was found on a road between Alice and King William’s Town.

What kind of worms are called earth worms?

Invertebrate animals commonly called “worms” include annelids (earthworms and marine polychaete or bristle worms), nematodes (roundworms), platyhelminthes (flatworms), marine nemertean worms (“bootlace worms”), marine Chaetognatha (arrow worms), priapulid worms, and insect larvae such as grubs and maggots.

Are there worms that are insects or animals?

In answering the question, are worms insects or animals, we can deduce that worms are definitely animals. Divers recently discovered a new species of worm in the depths of the Antarctic ocean. This new worm was nicknamed the “bone-eating worm” because they eat dead whale bones in the bottom of the ice-cold waters of the Antarctic.

How are worms classified in the animal kingdom?

Both worms and insects are classified under the Kingdom Animalia. The animal kingdom is split into two groups: vertebrate, animals with a backbone, and invertebrate, animals without a backbone. Both worms and insects are invertebrates.

Why are earthworms not part of the insect family?

They do not belong to the insect family because their origin and evolution is completely different from that of insects. They have hemoglobin as the respiratory pigment unlike insects that have hemocyanin. Insects also have external limbs used for locomotion. Earthworms are devoid of any such protrusions. Earthworms are indispensible to mankind.

What kind of animal are earthworms?

An earthworm is an invertebrate animal with a long, stretchy body and no legs. It is a type of annelid. There are 5,500 known species of earthworms in 21 families. They are found everywhere, except in polar or dry climates.

Where to purchase earthworms?

They are mostly found at bait and pet food stores. Typically earthworms are available at pet shops, worm farms, and pet food stores or bait stores. Surprisingly, you can actually order earthworms online! Some earthworms are sold in bulk by weight, others by quantity.

Are worms considered bugs?

No, no worms are considered insects. Insects are in the Phylum Arthropoda , in the class Insecta. All Arthropoda have jointed body parts while Annelids are segmented but not jointed. Earthworms are in the class Oligochaeta (meaning they are segmented worms with only a few bristles).

What do animals eat worms?

Aquatic animals including fish, frogs, crayfish and turtles eat worms and similar creatures that live in water. Some insects such as dragonflies and dobsonflies live a portion of their lives underwater as nymphs. These predatory insects also eat aquatic worms.