When can dogs enter kennels?

Generally dogs and cats must be around 5 months of age before being accepted, how ever some kennels and cattery’s may accept them after their 2nd vaccination depending what their 2nd vaccination was.

What happens when you take your dog to a boarding kennel?

When you take your dog to a boarding kennel, you’re introducing it to a new environment and new people. Building trust with these people is dependent on how they treat the dog. If your dog is in a boarding kennel that confines dogs to enclosures for long, then the dog might be exposed to immense stress.

Can a kenneled dog develop Kennel syndrome?

A kenneled dog may become aggressive to establish dominance or submissive to try and survive. Boarding facilities differ in how they handle dogs and herein comes the problem. If your pooch is in a boarding facility that kennels them for long, then it stands a chance of developing kennel syndrome.

When did fern boarding kennels start in Ireland?

We are a family-run business motivated by a passion for animals and deep understanding of quality pet care. We have been proudly supporting pet parents throughout Ireland since 2009. When your family dog arrives at Fern, they become part of our family and treated like one of our own.

Where is fern boarding kennels in Naas and Newbridge?

Situated 10 minutes from Newbridge and Naas (10 minutes from the Motorway) in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by a forest in a beautiful peaceful setting. We are a family-run business motivated by a passion for animals and deep understanding of quality pet care.

What should I do if my dog has been boarded before?

If your dog hasn’t been boarded before, consider a short overnight stay before an extended stay. Even an afternoon of doggie daycare can be a good test. This will help your dog get more comfortable with the experience and give the caretaker a better idea of your dog’s needs.

Why is the NCA important to Newfoundland dogs?

Since 1930, The NCA has been proud to be a strong voice to preserve, promote and protect the Newfoundland Dog. Got A Question? Everyone in the NCA has a passion for the breed, and the mission of preserving, protecting and promo…

What do you need to know about dog boarding?

A good place to start is by asking your veterinarian, groomer, dog-owning friends, or neighbors for the names of boarding kennels or dog sitters they recommend. It’s important to know the right questions to ask and the right things to look for when finding the right “home-away-from-home” boarding experience for your dog.

What to do when dropping off your dog for boarding?

Ask the caretaker for a detailed verbal report of how your dog reacted to the new environment. When you drop off your dog for boarding, bring their food, health and veterinarian information, bed, and favorite toys. Be sure to leave up-to-date contact information, as well as an emergency contact.