When do you use flash for wedding photography?

When do you use flash for wedding photography?

Use the Flash to Light Details. During the wedding day, there are many details that you need to photograph. Sometimes ambient light isn’t enough to make the detail look its best. For example, using flash to light rings can help the stone shine a little more than if it were left to just ambient light.

Why do you use flash for wildlife photography?

The answer is all in the eyes! Many animals have very dark eyes and they can look like a black hole when there is no direct sunlight on them providing a catch light. A flash can give you back that catchlight in the eye and make the animal look much more alive. They key to using flash in this way is to use it as fill light, not as a key light.

What does it mean to use flash as fill light?

They key to using flash in this way is to use it as fill light, not as a key light. Fill flash simply means that the light output from the flash is not as bright as the ambient light on the subject, the flash is not defining the exposure.

What’s the best way to point a flash?

Often times, amateurs point the flash straight forward because they want to fill the face with light in dark situations make the subject look like a deer in headlights. The key here is anything but subtlety. Give the flash enough power to become the main and primary light in the scene.

Who is the best photographer for bouncing flash?

So go ahead get a flashgun if you haven’t already and start experimenting with bouncing flash. is a wedding photographer and portrait photographer based in Hong Kong who shoot weddings and portraits internationally, capturing the magic moments of the day and turning them into memories. Visit his website, Garry Chung, to see more of his work.

Why is it important to understand flash photography?

While there is no “right” or “wrong” path, a strong understanding of flash photography is important to have, even for photographers with styles defined as “natural light” or “bright and airy.” A full understanding of flash gives a photographer full control over a scene, regardless of the weather or ambient lighting conditions.

Can you use flash to photograph indoor events?

Especially if the venue is too large to use flash effectively, you’ll be stuck with the lighting you find.

Why is bare flash bad for portrait photography?

Because generally speaking direct bare flash, pointing at your subject, is terrible for two reasons: The light is “hard” and can cast horrible shadows on your subject. It just generally is not very nice light for portraits.