When to separate male and female Russian dwarf hamsters?

When to separate male and female Russian dwarf hamsters?

Even the experts may get it wrong. But it’s best to separate the females from the males as soon as they can be on their own. You can do this once they reach 18 to 21 days old as Russian Dwarf Hamsters become in heat every four days and can get pregnant 24 hrs after giving birth!

Can a dwarf hamster live with a male hamster?

However, if you house multiple pairs in the same room, keep the male cagesaway from the female cages — close proximity of the opposite sex can cause stress. If death claims one hamster in a pair, it can be risky to introduce a new dwarf mate.

What do I need to get a Russian dwarf hamster?

Before you get a pet Russian dwarf hamster, you first need to secure basic items that your pet would need in order for it to survive. These items are needed to create a suitable habitat that would help your pet thrive while it is in captivity. Potential owners have the option to get a cage or an aquarium to house their hamsters.

How can I tell if my Russian dwarf hamster is pregnant?

Once you see your female Campbell’s growing wider at its sides and back, these are signs that it may be pregnant. It’s not easily noticed, so look out for other signs. If it is drinking more water and hoarding more food than it usually does, then you’re halfway there.

Which dwarf hamster is the friendliest?

Syrian hamsters also tend to be the friendliest (which makes them popular amongst kids) and generally allow people to pick them up and pet them without biting. In addition, Syrian hamsters are less active than dwarf hamsters, and this helps make them easier to handle as well.

How many babies can a Russian dwarf hamster have?

Russian Dwarf Hamster Babies are born blind and without hair and look pink/red. Any Russian dwarf hamster mother can have up to 8 babies and either sex. After one and a half weeks the babies began to grow hair on and around their bodies and start to move around more.

What does a Russian dwarf hamster look like?

The winter white Russian dwarf, also known as a Siberian hamster , comes in a few different shades. Sapphire is purplish grey with a dark grey stripe on the back and an ivory belly. Pearl has white hairs sprinkled throughout the coat and sapphire-pearl combines the two colors.

Do Russian dwarf hamsters come from Russia?

Russian dwarf hamsters are a species of hamster in the genus Phodopus. It is native to China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russian Federation . There are two types of Russian Dwarf: Campbell’s are more popular kept as pets by children and adults because most pet stores have this type.