When to take a blue and gold macaw home?

This is an important factor of having a well behaved hand raised Blue and Gold Macaw. Your bird needs to be handle in a quiet, relaxed situation, but don’t over stress your bird in the first few weeks of taking it home. The more time you spend with your bird, the better your bird will become.

Where do blue and gold macaws come from?

The Blue and Gold Macaw originated from South America, almost the entire northern half of the continent. They are usually seen in pairs or flocks of not more than 20 birds in areas such as open marshlands and woodlands, rainforest, and other areas with large trees. The Blue and Gold Macaws is a large parrot with a green forehead, fading into blue

How old do scarlet macaws have to be to breed?

1-0 Scarlet Macaw for 0-1 approximately (3 years old). (Durban Westville). as long as bird is healthy and able to breed). 0-1 Scarlet female any age. 1-2 Blue and Gold Macaw pair and matured single female kzn.

How much does a Hahns macaw cost per day?

R65 000.00 for all 4 birds. Contact Gary on 0828010561 Ladysmith. (3 months old) R9500.00 each. 4 Months old) R3000.00 each. plus their nest box R10 000.00. Whatsapp only. polokwane area. 0-0-3 baby Hahns Macaw (hand reared). Excellent Breeders) R35 000.00 for the pair. 068 200 9244. Situated in KZN. (3 Feeds a day) R4000.00 each. Amanzimtoti Kzn.

How old do blue and gold macaws get?

Blue and gold macaws are native… Beautiful Baby Blue and Gold Macaws. They are 10 to 12 weeks old. They are now showing their personalities. They are starting to talk. Oldest baby just…

What kind of Cage do blue and gold macaws need?

Blue and Gold Macaws are a very large birds and require a large cage for many toys, perches, food /water dishes, as well as sufficient space for them to move around and spread they wings. This eliminates boredom while caged.

How old do military macaws live to be?

Military Macaws are very social birds, who live in large flocks in the wild. Their average lifespan is between 50 to 60 years. Military Macaws are inquisitive and intelligent as are most Macaws. They are usually good talkers and can also be taught various tricks.