When to take your hamster to the vet?

When to take your hamster to the vet?

Take your hamster for a check-up if it displays any of these symptoms: 1 Wheezing 2 Runny nose 3 Irregular eating or drinking 4 Overgrown front teeth 5 Bald patches 6 Sores on the feet 7 Loose stools 8 Blood in the urine

What should I do when I bring my new hamster home?

The first day you bring home your new hamster, make sure it’s a pleasant, calm homecoming. You’ll also want to have a water bottle and a food bowl (heavy enough not to be tipped over) waiting for the new arrival. Fill the habitat with treats, and toys (a wheel or tunnels for exercise and chew toys)…

What do you need to set up a hamster cage?

Once you’ve chosen a great home for your hamster, you’ll need to set up places for your pet to drink, eat, sleep, nest and eliminate in there. A cage-mounted hamster water bottle is the preferred way to give water, but you can use bowls for both water and hamster food if you prefer.

What can I get my hamster at chewy?

Chewy also carries lots of hamster grooming products for your hamster, plus accessories like carriers and playpens.

A hamster’s teeth should be yellow. If you notice your hamster’s teeth whitening, take him to a vet to check for signs of a mouth infection. On occasion, you may need to have your vet trim your hamster’s teeth. If your hamster’s teeth begin curving inwards towards his mouth and jaw, take him to the vet.

What should I do if my hamster has bad teeth?

Thankfully the problem of overgrown teeth is easily controlled with regular tooth trims and proper chewing behaviors. But if you need help with your hamster’s teeth, give your local exotics vet a call.

What happens when you trim a hamster’s molars?

Molars are difficult to observe without the use of a speculum to look in the back of the mouth, but hamsters with overgrown molars will commonly hypersalivate and have difficulty chewing and swallowing. If done correctly, tooth trims are not painful.

Can a hamster with hypsodontal Teeth die?

Owners of hamsters and other exotic pets with hypsodontal teeth must be aware of the possible complications regarding their pet’s teeth. Without proper attention, overgrown teeth can cause serious trauma, anorexia, and even death from the inability to chew and swallow.

What happens if you trim a hamster’s teeth?

As Spruce Pets explains, the teeth might become overgrown and curve into their gums, get caught on things, cause drooling, hyperventilating, and cause problems with swallowing. These are all terrible and gross things to imagine, so how do you fix it? Well, with another terrible and gross thing: trimming your hamster’s teeth.

What kind of hamster can you keep as a pet?

Various species of dwarf hamster are also common as pets, including the Roborovski hamster, known colloquially as the Robo, despite not being a cool cybernetic hamster of the future. The Chinese hamster is less common as a pet, partially because of the male’s large and conspicuous genitals, which can grow to be as large as their head.

Why are hamsters caged together in pet stores?

If the show were more realistic, Hamtaro would murder each Ham-Ham he encountered in order to have the clubhouse all to himself. It turns out hamsters, especially Syrian hamsters, are super mega territorial. While it’s not uncommon to see hamsters caged together at pet stores, it’s because hamsters in stores are usually really young.

What should I do if I have two dwarf hamsters?

Make adjustments for more than one hamster. If you have two hamsters, take measures to make them comfortable. Unlike their larger counterparts, dwarf hamsters can be social and some may enjoy being in small, same-sex groups. If you put a male and female dwarf hamster together, expect babies in the future.

Eye Injuries or Infections – If your hamster has a runny eye, or is forever pawing at it, or if there is swelling in the eye area, it may have something stuck in the eye. Take your pet to the vet as soon as you can.

How can you tell if a hamster has an infection?

The swelling will be full of pus that the hamster’s immune system has produced to fight the infection. If the hamster cage has bars, the hamster will gnaw at them, sometime for half the night.

What does it mean when a hamster has its mouth open?

Ears forward with cheek pouches puffed up and mouth open: It’s frightened. Try to remove the stressors that are causing this behavior. When it empties its cheek pouches quickly: This is a hamster that is insecure about the current situation and is likely to flee and hide.

What should I do if my hamster is sick?

In severe cases, you might consider going to the vet to get antibiotics. You can give your sick hamster a few drops of kaolin preparations or charcoal three times a day. In any case, for proper care, you should isolate the sick hamsters from the healthy ones and also thoroughly clean their cages and accessories.