Where can I get semen frozen for my Dog?

Where can I get semen frozen for my Dog?

We offer semen freezing services at our office in Grass Valley as well as at dog shows all over Northern California. Our show schedule is listed on this site for your convenience. The freezing process begins with a semen collection from your stud dog.

Can a stud dog freeze his semen for breeding?

If a stud dog is shy or nervous, his semen numbers may be poor and preclude freezing and storing the collection. In addition, a dog that is accustomed to having people around and being handled while breeding will fare better when having semen collected.

What do you need to know about dog sperm freezing?

This will include a sperm count, checking motility and morphology to determine if this sample is of good enough quality to put thru the freezing process. If it is determined that it meets the parameters to freeze, we then begin the process.

Is there a limit to how much semen can be stored per dog?

There is no cap on how much semen can be stored for that one rate, but it is per dog. From the time of invoicing for annual storage, there is a 30 day grace period to transfer or use any semen to avoid the storage fee.

Are there any dogs that have frozen semen?

Below is the list of breeds that have canine frozen semen available for sale. Select the breed to be take to the list.

How much does frozen semen swab cost dog?

Dog must be ADBA registered prior to being profiled. The fee for these kits are $6.00 for the cheek swab or for a Blood FTA card, per dog being profiled. Forms for use of frozen semen can also be printed off our website at ADBADOG.COM.

What do you need to register a dog with frozen semen?

If the dogs produced are to be single dog registered, the breeder will need to file an AIFS form with the ADBA for the breeding with the fee of $23.00. ADBA will record and keep this on file. The single application forms from this frozen semen breeding will then be accepted.

When is the best time to freeze dog sperm?

Unless the dog is an inside the house dog, take sample to freeze in the winter time, as the semen quality will be twice as good. It cost the same to pull and freeze two straws as it does to freeze and pull 40. I strongly recommend Tom Garners “Sperm Up” supplement.