Where did my fish go?

Any time you’ve noticed a fish is missing, the first thing to do is quickly examine the area around the tank to see if the fish jumped out. Check behind the tank, and inside the cabinet if the tank is on a stand. If you find a fish outside of the tank, and it is not dried up, return it to the tank.

Can a fish disintegrate?

Why did my fish disintegrate? If it was too powerful, it literally could have baked the fish if it got too close. On the other hand, it may have died and then been decomposed by bacteria.

Can Plecos escape?

Plecos are huge poopers. If you are looking into one to clean algae of the tank or food off the bottom, that is something you should be doing yourself.

Do Plecos only come out at night?

Thats perfectly normal. Plecos are nocturnal fish and hide during the day.

Why did my rubber lipped plecostomus die?

Because I don’t have a large tank I was instructed to get a rubber lipped plecostomus because they don’t grow as large as other plecos. He died after the first day of being in the tank. We took him to the store along with a water sample and they exchanged him for me and told me my water levels were great.

How did my albino pleco fish die?

A few weeks ago my albino pleco just suddenly died. He had been normal eating algae, then got behind the heater and died within a few hours. When i took him out his stomach was caved in.

What to do when plecos die in your tank?

Once the fish bag is full, you can either sink the bag in the tank and let the fish swim out, or net the fish and add it to the tank. It should take a couple of hours to do and gives the fish more time to adjust to your water.

Why did my pleco drop the algae wafer?

If your tank doesn’t have plants and special lights there is not enough algae to eat for pleco. If your saw betta consuming pleco’s algae wafers, pleco was probably starving (curved in stomach is a sign). Plecos are mainly nocturnal, this means they are active at night. Drop the algae wafer when the lights are off.