Where do hamsters keep the food they eat?

Hamsters don’t necessarily eat all of the food in their cheeks straight away. They often store it under the bedding in their cage. But it’s still a good idea to be careful of the amount of food you’re providing. What do hamsters eat? How much should you feed your hamster? When should you feed a hamster? Can hamsters eat this..?

What kind of food can you feed a Syrian hamster?

Here is a comprehensive list of safe food for Syrian Hamsters, we have also included which foods to avoid feeding your Syrian Hamster. It’s a popular misconception that hamsters just eat dried hamster food that you purchase from a pet shop, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What kind of fruit and vegetables do hamsters like?

Other fruit and vegetables your hamster may like are; chicory, cauliflower, broccoli, pear, peach and banana. You should never give your furry friend any citrus fruit or onion as they are high in acid and your hamster could end up with an upset tummy.

What kind of treats should I give my hamster?

Avoid any treat that contains a high amount of sugar. This means no cakes, cookies, or chocolates. If you only spoil your hamster every so often and don’t fall for their tricks that they just have to have a treat, then you are being a good pet hamster owner and providing them with the proper care they need.

What foods are harmful to a hamster?

Dangerous foods for hamsters Bitter Almonds. If you get your hands on bitter almonds, the effects could be deadly. Unwashed Vegetables. It doesn’t matter what kind of vegetable we’re talking about here. Peppers, Garlic, and Onions. Tomatoes. Potatoes and Beans. Processed sugary Foods. Chips and Other Junk Food. Peanuts. Fatty Meats. 13.

What type of foods can you feed a hamster?

Some safe foods you can offer to your hamster are: Apples (no seeds) Bananas Blueberries Broccoli Carrots Cauliflower Cucumber Dandelion greens Grapes Kale

What is the best recommended hamster food?

Hamster are ‘omnivores’ – this means wild hamsters eat a mix of plants and insects. The best diet for you hamster is one that’s similar to what they would eat in the wild, including fresh veg and protein-packed treats like mealworms. Hamsters love to hoard their food.

What are foods that hamsters Cant eat?

What Can’t Hamsters Eat? Almonds: Unroasted, bitter almonds contain cyanide, and all almonds are moderately high in fat. Celery, whole stalks: The stringy texture can choke a hamster. Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate: It contains theobromine and is toxic in large amounts, which is easy to do with the tiny, sweet-toothed hamster.