Where does Petco get their chameleons?

Re: Where do Petco stores get their reptiles? 99% of Petco’s animals come from Bill Brant/Gourmet Rodent. He is the worlds largest producer of c.b reptiles, buys/imports 30,000-50,000 c.h balls a year, and imports the basic pet store herps directly all for Petco.

Why does my chameleon look swollen?

There are two common causes of such swelling. The most common is Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). The calcium and D3 are supposed to prevent this, but chameleons have a very high need for UVB light, and from your description, you don’t have one. It’s better to use a plain calcium powder and a UVB light.

Why is my veiled chameleons eye swollen?

The most common reason for swollen eye(s) in chameleons is hypovitaminosis A (vitamin A deficiency). Other things that can cause a swollen eye are a traumatic injury, parasitic problems, infection and tumor, to name some.

Why does my chameleon have one eye closed?

A chameleon will close their eyes when they are dealing with a painful internal medical condition. that the chameleon is shutting down. This is a sign that you need to get to the vet as soon as possible. They will also shut their eyes when dealing with a vitamin A deficiency.

How can you tell the gender of a veiled chameleon?

A final mention needs to be made about veiled chameleon feet because male veiled chameleons have an extra feature that allow you to determine that they are male. Unlike female veiled chameleons, males have two little bumps on the backs of their hind feet called tarsal spurs. This is the easiest way to determine the sex of a veiled chameleon.

Why are the feet of a chameleon swollen?

Chameleons can develop several problems with their feet. A common reason for swollen feet is gout where the swelling occurs around the ankle. Gout is the build up of uric acid in the joints and is caused by too much protein in the diet or kidney failure.

Where can I find a veiled Yemen Chameleon?

So this week’s blog post comes courtesy of Trevor Neufeld from Niagara Herpetoculture in Ontario, Canada. He has been breeding veiled/Yemen chameleons ( C. calyptratus) for about 20 years, and specializes in producing amazing individuals, especially of the translucent variety.

What kind of feet does a chameleon have?

Chameleons have what are called zygodactyl like feet, these are feet that are commonly found on parrots and it means they have four toes, two on the inner side and two on the outside and these toes work in pairs.