Who was the person who bought all the horses in Colorado?

Who was the person who bought all the horses in Colorado?

It turned to a little-known Colorado livestock hauler named Tom Davis who was willing to buy hundreds of horses at a time, sight unseen, for $10 a head. The BLM has sold Davis at least 1,700 wild horses and burros since 2009, agency records show — 70 percent of the animals purchased through its sale program.

Why are there so many missing horses in the wild?

Efforts to find new storage space had fallen flat. So had most attempts to persuade members of the public to adopt horses. Without a way to relieve the pressure, the agency faced a gridlock that would invite lawsuits and potentially cause long-term damage to the range. So the BLM did something it has done increasingly over the last few years.

How many horses have been killed in the wild?

Now it is: a government report has found that 1,700 protected horses were killed. The Bureau of Land Management faced a crisis this spring. The agency protects and manages herds of wild horses that still roam the American West, rounding up thousands of them each year to keep populations stable.

Where do horses go after they are captured?

Today, only one in three captured horses finds a home. The rest go into a warren of tax payer-funded corrals, feed lots and pastures collectively known as “the holding system.” Since horses often live 20 years after being captured, the holding population has grown steadily for decades from 1,600 in 1989 to more than 47,000.

How many horses were sent to slaughter by PETA?

One Colorado State University study found that of 1,348 horses sent to slaughter, 58 were known to be former racehorses. 24 PETA rescued a thoroughbred named Coming Home, who is the granddaughter of a Kentucky Derby winner, just after she had been sold at auction for $200 to a meat buyer.

How many horses break down in a year?

California researchers found that a shocking 90 percent of horses who break down have pre-existing injuries. PETA’s investigation of trainer Steve Asmussen revealed that nearly every horse was given a variety of drugs and that horses were forced to race and train while injured.

What are the dangers of pushing a horse?

PETA documented how pushing these young, undeveloped horses to run at extreme speeds results in fatal breakdowns and life-threatening injuries.

What kind of injury did Valediction horse have?

Another Asmussen-trained horse, Valediction, whose knee had been repeatedly injected with corticosteroids, fractured a bone during a race and had to have emergency surgery.