Why did all my catfish Die Last Summer?

According to Michael Masser a Fisheries Specialist with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the cause of most fish kills is either an oxygen depletion or a disease. However, in both cases the real problem is a biomass or carrying capacity problem. A little explanation is needed. First, a pond is its own natural ecosystem.

Why are there so many diseases in catfish?

The effect of these infections can be severe if other conditions like feed, water, and environmental factors support the spread of pathogens causing the disease. In essence, diseases in catfish will be enhanced or suppressed by feed, water, stress level and other environmental conditions.

Why are there so many catfish in my pond?

Well often ponds are initially over-stocked with catfish. often on the recommendation of the person selling them the fish. Another problem is over- population because catfish reproduce in the pond. Catfish generally become sexually mature at 3 or 4 years of age and will spawn in most ponds.

What happens to the water in a catfish tank?

Wastes are capable of increasing the level of ammonia and carbon dioxide in the water, although earthen ponds have the capacity to regenerate the water quality if the waste is not continuous. However, concrete ponds and other catfish production tanks cannot in anyway purify themselves.

What was the cause of death for Michael from catfish?

A subject on the MTV online dating series “Catfish” has died at the age of 26, MTV announced Tuesday. Michael Fortunato died Saturday, Oct. 12 in Hartford, Conn., from a pulmonary embolism due to deep vein thrombosis, MTV News reported. He was en route to the hospital when he crashed his car into a fence.

Why did one of my cory catfish die?

I removed the sponge filter that has carbon in it from the tank because carbon absorbs the medicine he said. My Cory’s were fine this morning and when I put the medicine in, but within about 4 hours one of my Cory’s has died, and my other appears lethargic and about to go.

Why are so many catfish dying every day?

As we fed our fishes with those feeds, about 100 mortalities were recorded per day for almost 2 weeks. Many drugs were administered, but as soon as feeding resumed mortality rate continued until we discovered high level of toxins through test. Then we stopped feeding and returned the remaining stock of feed to the producer.

What was the cause of death for Ashley Sawyer on catfish?

A month after their episode aired in 2013, Fortunato died of a pulmonary embolism. “Catfish” hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph tweeted their condolences, sharing images of Sawyer and Fortunato from the show.