Why did my rabbit break his toenails?

Why did my rabbit break his toenails?

Wild rabbits wear down their claws due to foraging, digging, climbing, and other routine day-to-day activities. As an indoor pet, you need to make sure that’s done for your rabbit. Like any injury that involves tissue damage, there is a risk of infection with broken toenails.

What should I use to cut my rabbit’s nails?

You can use a cat-claw trimmer to cut your rabbit’s nails. Choose a clipper based on the size of the rabbit. Most people prefer scissor-style clippers that are used for cat nails because of the freedom of movement that they offer. However, you must avoid any of the following problems when cutting your rabbit’s nails: Cutting the quick.

Can a bent toe nail affect a rabbit’s gait?

A bent toenail can badly affect your rabbit’s gait. A genetic trait of thin fur on the hocks can also increase the risk of developing sore hocks. Untrimmed nails will worsen the situation. If your rabbit’s hind feet do not rest at a proper angle, its body weight is forced back onto its heels. This will lead to sore hocks.

What happens when you clip a rabbit’s nails?

Rabbit nails have a vein, called the quick, that runs into the base of each of their nails. When you clip your rabbit’s nails, you want to avoid clipping into this vein. Clipping into the quick will cause your rabbit a little bit of pain and there can be a surprising amount of blood.

What kind of nail clippers do you need for a rabbit?

To clip your rabbit nails you need nail clippers. I like to use smaller scissor clippers because they give me more control, but many caretakers are more comfortable using the spring loaded dog nail clippers instead. If you are working with a partner, the only tool you should need to clip your rabbit’s nails is a pair of animal nail clippers.

How many nails does a Bunny have on its feet?

Rabbit feet have five nails on each of the front paws and four nails on each of the back paws. Like their teeth, rabbit nails are constantly growing. They have 18 toenails, 4 on each of their back feet and 5 on each of their front feet.

What kind of pain medication can you give a rabbit?

Meloxicam (metacam) and Rimadyl (carprofen) are other NSAIDs which have been used with good results in rabbits. Torbugesic, an opioid analgesic, provides good pain relief at relatively low doses. Although some practitioners fear that an opioid might contribue to GI slowdown, pain can certainly do the same.