Why did the bearded man ask for forgiveness?

Why did the bearded man ask for forgiveness?

Answer: (i) The bearded man was the king’s enemy. He had come there to take revenge from the king of his brother’s death and take back his property. (ii) He asked for the king’s forgiveness because he came to kill the king and the king saved his life. Question 7. The king forgave the bearded man. What did he do to show his forgiveness?

Who was the bearded man who was speaking to the king?

The speaker was an injured bearded man whom the king had helped The king had saved his life. Question 2. Who was he speaking to? He was speaking to the king. Question 3.

Who is the bearded man in Here Comes someone running?

The hermit was a weak old man and used to live amidst the woods which he would never leave. He was digging the ground in front of his hut for sowing seeds when the king arrived and the tedious task had made him tired. “Here comes someone running”. Who has been referred to in this sentence? The bearded man is being referred to in these lines.

Why did the hermit help the bearded man?

The hermit helped the king to bring the wounded man inside his hut and allowed the man to spend his night in the hut. Who was the bearded man? Why did he ask for the king’s forgiveness? The bearded man was an enemy of the king. He wanted to take revenge of his brother’s death by killing the king and taking away all his property.

Are there any questions about owning a bearded dragon?

If you are gaining an interest in owning a bearded dragon you probably have a hundred thousand questions. Well, we are not able to answer quite that many, but we can answer a few of the most frequently asked bearded dragon questions. Simply click the question and the answer will appear below it.

How often should I Feed my bearded dragon?

Feeding frequency will depend on the age of the bearded dragon and can be different for each individual. A particular bearded dragon can eat more, or less, than another bearded dragon. Typically, baby bearded dragons should eat small meals up to five times per day, while an adult may only need to be fed twice per day.

Why does my bearded dragon not eat anything?

So, as you can see… your dragon wants to eat every day, but sometimes there are logical reasons why they don’t. If you can assume your dragon isn’t eating because of reason #1, I recommend playing around with different staple foods.

Is it possible to get salmonella from a bearded dragon?

Not necessarily. You see, bearded dragons (along with tons of other reptiles) do in fact carry salmonella and this can be passed on to humans through their feces and in rare instances their skin. However, with this being said, you are more likely to contract salmonella from contaminated food than a bearded dragon.