Why do Chinese water dragons close their eyes?

In the wild, when the dragon has been exposed to sunlight for too long, the parietal eye adjusts hormone production, enabling the dragon to regulate his own exposure to sunlight. However, if the lighting in your dragon’s tank is too bright or powerful, he may resort to closing his eyes to reduce glare.

What does a water dragon symbolize?

Closely associated with the serpent of the earth the water dragons are healers, warriors, and peace gathering clans. The water dragon is said to bring peace and unity where only war was before. Powerful spirit guides with knowledge of mother earth secrets and the wisdom of the ancients in their blood.

Is a water dragon real?

Asian water dragons are bright green lizards found in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and southern China. They are adept climbers and strong swimmers. If necessary, they can remain submerged for up to 25 minutes.

Where do water dragons come from?

Who is a dragon compatible with?


Sign Best Match/ Balance (1st Trine Group) Match
Dragon Monkey, Rat, Rooster Snake, Pig, Rabbit, Tiger, Horse

What kind of eye does a water dragon have?

While the water dragon has a mythical name, it is actually a perfect species to explain several different biological concepts that are very real. Like most reptiles, water dragons have an organ known as the pineal eye. Between their eyes lies a small, iridescent patch of scales that cover light-receiving nerve endings.

How did the Chinese water dragon get its name?

The reason for its common name is that this nearly neon-green lizard is well known for living its entire life near flowing creeks, small ponds and other bodies of fresh water in forested areas. It’s also arboreal, frequently lounging on tree limbs high above water.

Do you know the sex of Your Water Dragon?

Know the sex of your water dragons before placing multiple individuals in an enclosure together. More than one male may result in battles. Stores that sell reptiles often carry Chinese water dragons, also known as the green water dragon or Asian water dragon.

Is the Chinese water dragon a good pet?

The Chinese water dragon is one of our favorite reptiles, hands down. These creatures are beautiful, friendly, and a lot of fun to own! But due to their popularity, there are many new owners who are underprepared and unable to provide their pets with proper care.

What does it mean when a Chinese water dragon is not well?

It can help create a bond, build trust and even understand when your pet dragon is not well. In this post, you will find a list of various Chinese water dragon behavior types, such as arm waving, digging, head bobbing, submerging, keeping an eye open, and what they mean.

When to take your chinese water dragon to the vet?

You might also notice lethargy, deformed bones (crooked back, open jaw), swollen legs etc. If you suspect MBD, please take your Chinese water dragon to the vet for blood testing, visual examination and treatment. This can be life-threatening and effects can also be irreversible.

Which is the closest relative of the Chinese water dragon?

A member of the Agmidfamily, the Chinese Water Dragon has no subspecies. In fact, according to Pet MD (opens in new tab), its closest relative genetically is the Australian Water Dragon (Physignathus lesueurii).

How long can a Chinese water dragon live?

Chinese Water Dagons can live up to 15 years though some have been known to live up to 20 years in captivity. However, this kind of longevity is reserved for those specimens that receive optimal care. Unfortunately, most specimens are short-lived due to improper care. These issues are addressed in this care sheet.