Why do fish stay near the filter?

The filter creates a current in the water. The fish congregating near the filter intake are taking advantage of that current by positioning themselves where that current flows over their gills without requiring the fish to exert the effort they otherwise would need to in order to achieve this result.

Why are my fish staying at the top of their tank?

What to do if your fish are staying at the top of their tank 1 Poor water quality. Begin your troubleshooting process by performing a water test to rule out any issues with water quality (such as temperature, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hardness, salinity levels or 2 Overcrowding. 3 Lack of aeration. 4 Improper water temperature. …

Why does my fish go to the bubbles?

Naturally, these dissolved oxygen levels tend to be higher near the surface, where interaction between air and water takes place. A fish that is not receiving enough oxygen will try to compensate by gravitating toward that area. Similarly, you may notice your fish lingering near the bubbles of your air stones or other bubble-producing décor.

Which is the most common surface dwelling freshwater fish?

The most common surface dwelling freshwater species. 1 Freshwater Hatchet Fish. The Hatchet Fish is probably one of the most common and available species that spends all it’s time right there at the top of 2 Celebes Halfbeak. 3 Killifish. 4 African Butterfly Fish.

What should you do if you have a fish problem?

So as you can see, no matter the problem, emergency or not, the first thing you must do is test and correct any water quality issues. Many times you may find that this alone will halt any symptoms and/or stop any further symptoms or deaths. You cannot begin to treat any fish unless the water is perfect.

How did the fish get to the bottom of the water?

It also tells you that the fish was either suspended a foot or so below the surface before it ate, or that it was lying close to the bottom in relatively shallow water. If the fish had been deeper in the water, it would have produced a splashier or more violent rise.

Why does my Goldfish stay on the top of the water?

When goldfish stay on the top of the water’s surface This may be one of those “self-explanatory” behaviors to many goldfish owners. Usually, when a goldfish is floating on the water’s surface, it is a good indicator that he has died or that he is close to it.

Why is one fish staying at the top of the tank?

You cannot afford to take a day off without putting your fish at risk. Starved of ammonia and nitrite to grow on, bacteria population multiplies slowly. Back to your problem. A 0.5 ppm ammonia level is higher than you want so you did the right thing to do a water change to lower it. Do another one.

What happens to fish when there is no oxygen in the water?

When any fish do go to the surface of the water for oxygen, they will gasp repeatedly, often with a wide-open mouth, sucking in the surface layer of water, which holds more oxygen. If all of the fish are gasping at the top, the problem is critical and swift action should be taken.