Why do guinea pigs sway their bottoms?

It’s a behavior that both sexes use to show dominance. Some pigs feel the need to constantly remind other pigs that they’re the boss! Christian likes to think he’s the boss but that’s Velvet’s job and always has been!

What does it mean if my guinea pig doesn’t move?

If your guinea pig is not moving around, eating, or drinking something, it means something is wrong with them. There can be a lot of reasons why your guinea pigs might not be eating or moving around. Some of the common problems include malnutrition, dental problems, gastrointestinal problems, etc.

Why does my guinea pig stand on its hind legs?

In anticipation of the arrival of food, a guinea pig may begin a routine of “begging” wherein it will stand up on its hind legs while resting its paws against the cage bars, making a distinctive “wheeking” sound.

Can a female guinea pig live with a male guinea pig?

If she is living with a male, this will ensure population control and prevent multiple litters of guinea pigs. Besides preventing babies, females often develop uterine and ovarian issues, including various cancers, and having your female spayed can prevent these issues.

Why do guinea pigs do the things they do?

Guinea pigs, with their large heads, perpetual look of surprise and gleeful squeals, are definitely a pet to be seen and heard. But why do they do the things they do? Here are some common guinea pig behaviors explained, so you know what you are likely to come across when sharing your home with these popular pets. 1. Catch Me If You Can

Why do guinea pigs need to be separated from other guinea pigs?

They need to be separated as soon as possible to prevent any injuries. A towel may be thrown over them in order to distract and disorient which will give an owner enough time to split up the hostile pair. Some cavies in close proximity to other guinea pigs will exhibit a non-healthy behavior called “barbering”.

This is an enjoyable behavior to observe. Guinea pig is stretching and yawning just after a sleep or when it is feeling happy and relaxed. One may notice this behavior while holding and cuddling the pet for some time. This is a behavior one could not miss. Guinea pig stands on its hind legs and cleans itself with its front legs licking its fur.

What should I do if my guinea pig is dragging her back leg?

If your guinea pig is not giving weight to their back leg while walking, get your guinea pig to the vet for X-rays. Treatment for this cause will include brace or pins. This treatment can be expensive. You can make a homemade brace. Wrap the leg from the gauze or bleached cotton cloth of plain weave.

Why do guinea pigs like a confined space?

A confined area can cause distress to guinea pigs. Keep your guinea pig at their best behavior by satisfying all their needs. Guinea pigs require access to everything they require at all times. This includes open space, food, water, safe hiding places, toys, and companion guinea pigs.

What causes a guinea pig to be unable to move?

It can also be secondary to other problems that keep the guinea pig from eating enough, like malocclusion. Vitamin C deficiency can result in scurvy, a painful condition with symptoms that can be somewhat vague. While scurvy doesn’t directly cause paralysis, it can make a guinea pig reluctant to move.

Why do guinea pigs fluff up when they eat?

Sometimes guinea pigs do a little “dance” called rumblestrutting. For example, has your guinea pig ever fluffed up his/her fur while eating delicious veggies next to a companion? It means that they are trying to look aggressive and bigger so that no one will come close and steal their food.