Why do Hamsters get wet tail?

Wet tail is a very serious disease in hamsters that unfortunately has a high mortality rate even when caught early and treated. “Wet Tail”, named from the obvious sign of wetness around the rear end and tail of the hamster from diarrhea, comes from a bacterial infection that is generally brought on by stress.

What should I do if my hamster has an eye infection?

You may need to scruff your hamster to do this. Get a clean cotton bud or tissue, dip it in the solution and wipe the eye a second time. Repeat this with clean buds/tissue until the eye is clear. If the other eye is infected repeat the whole process for that one too. Whenever you see your hamsters eye oozing pus clean it with the solution.

Why does my hamster have a watery eye?

One reason your hamster’s eye may be watery or closed is that something is stuck in the eye. If this is the case, there won’t be any crust present holding the eye closed, so you can gently open your hamster’s eye and look.

Can a hamster get conjunctivitis from a scratch?

Conjunctivitis can be a problem in hamsters, as well as humans. It can be less dangerous than the infection we talked about earlier. It can come about as an irritation because of dust in the bedding, a scratch, a small injury, an overgrown tooth.

Why does my hamster have pink eye?

It can come about as an irritation because of dust in the bedding, a scratch, a small injury, an overgrown tooth. Anything, really, since conjunctivitis is just the inflammation of the tissue surrounding the eye. You can tell your hammy’s got pink eye by the redness and swelling around the hamster’s eye – his eyelids, to be exact.

Why is my hamster eye popping out?

Also known as exophthalmos or proptosis, the bulging of one or both eyeballs from the socket is common in hamsters. Typically it occurs due to an infection of the eye or a trauma , though it may also happen if the hamster is restrained too tightly from the back of the neck.

Does my hamster have cataracts?

You can tell your hamster’s got a possible cataract by the white spot developing on his eye. It could be both eyes, it could be just one, and it could be a larger spot, or just cloudy, blurred eyes. In most cases, cataracts forms as the hamster ages.

What causes my hamster’s eye to be swollen?

There are several possible causes of the swollen red eye in hamsters. The most common is a cheek pouch abscess (or an abscess behind the eye) that is pushing the eye outwards. This is usually caused by a seed lodged in the cheek pouch or another food item that may no longer be present, or is still present (impacted cheek pouch) and causing a secondary infection.

Do hamsters have eyelids?

Hamsters have just one set of eyelids – yes, hamsters have eyelids – which serve to clean their eyes when they blink, just like us humans. You might not have noticed their eyelids when looking at them, but hamsters have them.