Why do people complain about their cocker spaniels?

Some families complain that their cocker spaniel is too needy at times, as if they were attached like Velcro to the side of their alpha human. The reason why there is a certain level of clinginess with these dogs is that they can sense the moments when you feel anxious, so that causes them to feel the same way.

Why are Cocker Spaniels the perfect Playmates?

Most families discover that the cocker spaniel is the perfect playmate because of its willingness to please, be social, and stay active. 4. Cocker spaniels are usually a healthy, long-lived breed. Most cocker spaniels live a long and healthy life that is free of the significant health problems which are found in other breeds.

How old do Cocker Spaniels have to be to have kids?

Because cocker spaniels take their cues from their owners, having young children (under the age of 8) in the home can be hit or miss for some families. Although they work well with kids when they are calm, having lots of rambunctious energy in the home can inspire the dog to behave in some inappropriate ways.

What makes a cocker spaniel a good dog?

This breed loves to please their owners whenever possible. Cocker spaniels are a social breed of dog, so they are going to appreciate a family situation where they can get a lot of snuggles. This trait also makes them a highly trainable option for homes who need a dog to follow a specific set of behaviors.

How does a cocker spaniel get on with other dogs?

They also get on very well with other dogs and even other animals such as cats. All of the above only applies when a Cocker has been properly trained and socialized from a very young age. Cocker Spaniels are notoriously playful but in a very good way. They just want to have fun, that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it? Well for dogs anyway.

What kind of aggression does a cocker spaniel have?

Cocker spaniels frequently suffer from fear-based aggression. Although they are popular family pets, cocker spaniels are consistently ranked among the most aggressive dogs. However, each dog is an individual, and aggression is a highly preventable behavior problem.

Can a cocker spaniel have a rage disorder?

Cocker spaniels can also suffer from a disorder called rage syndrome that causes seizure-like aggression episodes. This condition, though frightening, is frequently treatable. If there is no medical cause, you must begin retraining your dog to behave appropriately around other dogs and people.

When to put a muzzle on a cocker spaniel?

Even if your cocker spaniel doesn’t usually bite, put her in her crate when you have company, when other dogs are around or in other circumstances that make her likely to bite. Place a muzzle on her when you visit the vet or if you take her to pet stores or dog parks.