Why does bunnies have fat neck?

Dewlap Purpose The dewlap tends to appear when female rabbits have reached the age when they can begin to reproduce. The dewlap provides a place where the female bunny can pull out her own fur and use it to line her nest. The nest is where she will sleep as well as produce and raise her offspring.

Why do rabbits have bulge under chin?

Rabbit Lumps On The Chin Or Cheek Abscesses are collections of pus caused by an infection under the skin. They generally grow rapidly if not treated. Unlike most species, the pus produced by rabbits is almost solid. Therefore, a rabbit abscess feels hard and round.

Do male rabbits have a double chin?

Rabbits have a double chin, and this extra flap is called a dewlap, which contains fatty tissues. These excess fats are commonly found in female bunnies but are fewer occurrences in female rabbits spayed at an early age. Dewlap does occur with males but not that possible for females.

How do you prevent dewlap?

If your rabbit has a large dewlap because of reaching sexual maturity or because of its breed, grooming it regularly can help prevent any issues from occurring. You’ll have to groom your rabbit’s dewlap more during the shedding season to prevent it from getting dirty and matted.

Why does my rabbit have a wet Chin?

When the dewlap is constantly wet and isn’t allowed to dry completely, it can easily get irritated and inflamed. Over time, the dewlap skin can become infected. According to the Journal of Small Animal Practice, overgrown teeth or dental disease may lead to hypersalivation in rabbits. This leads to a wet chin and dewlap.

Is it normal for a rabbit to have a dewlap?

A dewlap is a small skin fold under the chin that may persist in many rabbit breeds, especially after a dramatic weight loss. Hair pulling can be disturbing for most first-time owners, but this is completely normal.

Why does my Bunny keep pulling at its fur?

Rabbits that are stressed or depressed may start pulling at their fur causing bald spots on areas of their body. This could be from overgrooming as your rabbit tries to keep themself calm. It is also a way for a bored rabbit to stay occupied. Fur pulling is also a behavior of pregnant rabbits or rabbits having false pregnancy.

Is it normal for a bunny to be depressed?

However, sometimes when the needs of our beloved pet rabbits aren’t met, they fall into a depression. Your rabbit might be depressed without you even knowing it. By paying attention to your rabbits behavior, you’ll be able to learn if your rabbit is lonely, bored and depressed.