Why does my baby bearded dragon have one eye closed?

Just like humans constrict their eyes to get a better look at something, beardies close one eye to allow them to focus on an object. These pets usually do this when they want to catch their prey. You can also note the trait when feeding your beardie because it just wants to focus and better visualize the food.

Why does a bearded dragon only open one eye?

Being that beardies have eyes on either side of their head, closing one eye can help them to focus on a particular object such as prey. If your bearded dragon is closing one eye around feeding time then they are most likely just trying to get a better look at their meal.

When do bearded dragons bask in the Sun?

In the wild, the reptile will usually bask in the sun during the morning when it’s usually cool. They may also bask during the day if their body temperature drops to a certain point.

What kind of light does a bearded dragon need?

Bearded dragons need a strong source of UVB light (UVB 10.0- 12.0). This lighting is often called T5 lighting and may also be called HO- High Output. The best choice is to install tube lighting that will go across the tank. The tank should be bigger than 20-25 gallons in size to set up such a tube light.

Why are bearded dragons able to see more colors than humans?

Bearded dragons have been found to have excellent eyesight. They are even able to see more colors than humans. This is because bearded dragons are tetrachromatic which means they have four color receptors (whereas humans only have three). They are even able to see ultraviolet (UV) waves.

Why does the bearded dragon have one eye closed?

Your beardie’s eye can become sick due to bacterial and viral infection, or infection from other organisms. It is easy to know if the eye has an infection because of swelling, and sometimes discharge coming from the eye. The dragon is closing the eye to secure the infected tissues.

Is it safe to use a coiled bulb on a bearded dragon?

Some bulbs are also fake/cheap, and can damage your bearded dragon’s eyes if used for a long time. If you used the coiled bulb, especially in a smaller tank, then it could damage the eyes. Turn off the UVB lighting for 2-4 days to see if it helps your bearded dragon’s eyes.

What’s the best way to help a bearded dragon shed?

When your bearded dragon starts shedding, it is always a good idea to help it shed around the eye. Soak cotton pads or a small cloth with warm water, and place on the eye for few minutes.

What’s the best way to stroke a bearded dragon?

Hold the bearded dragon close to your body. This will make your pet feel safer and more secure. You can rest his tail on your forearm and gently stroke the dragon, and he will be happy and content. Let the dragon walk from hand to hand as they move.

What does a healthy baby beardie look like?

What to Look For. Healthy baby bearded dragons will be active and mobile, moving easily around its enclosure. They will have bright, clear eyes and an energetic disposition. They should look alert and attentive to their surroundings – nose and vent area should be clean and clear.