Why does my ball python feel rough?

Why does my ball python feel rough?

This is caused by blood which is pooling under the scales and is easily felt if you run your hands along your snake’s body. Instead of the usual smooth feeling, it will be rough and textured. If you observe any or all of these symptoms, it is quite likely that your snake has scale rot.

Do ball pythons have neurological issues?

History of the Spider Ball Python Spider ball pythons show neurological symptoms including head tremors, incoordination, corkscrewing of the head and neck, torticollis (head tilting), and inhibited righting reflexes (Rose & Williams, 2014) to varying degrees of severity.

What causes head wobble in ball pythons?

A wobble in ball pythons is a genetic disorder or mental malfunction that affects the brain, nerves, muscles, and the snake’s central nervous system. Because of this disorder, the affected snake tends to wobble its head side to side and sometimes flip it backward or upside down.

What does a ball python need to live?

Ball Pythons: What You Need to Know

  1. Tank for adult Ball Python (8ft x 4ft x 2ft)
  2. Basking Heat Source (Mercury Vapor Bulb)
  3. UVA/UVB Source (Mercury Vapor Bulb)
  4. Thermometer – measures temperature.
  5. Hygrometer – measures humidity.
  6. Reptile Carpet for Substrate.
  7. Auxillary heat source at night (Ceramic Heat Emitter, Heating Pad)

Why do people not like Spider Ball pythons?

The spider ball python’s neurological problems are the only reason why some people don’t like them. The belief is that it’s cruel to breed snakes that have such a severe issue. But other breeders don’t take issue with spiders because they can eat, go to the toilet, shed, and breed just fine.

Why does my ball python not want to eat?

Yes: Your ball python may be in heat, and so may have lost its appetite due to a desire to breed. No need to breed your pet if you don’t want to, it will likely start eating again once breeding season has passed. No: This does not explain why your ball python is not eating.

Why are ball pythons not allowed to breed?

(Head Wobble + Neurological Issues) Spider ball pythons are one of the most common ball python morphs. But their wobble syndrome can prevent them from feeding properly, and ‘may’ decrease their quality of life. That’s why some breeders refuse to breed spider ball pythons.

What kind of morph does a ball python have?

What Are Ball Python Morphs? Ball Python morphs are defined as the unique physical appearance of a Ball Python snake that displays a specific color and pattern. Snake breeders create ball python morphs by isolating underlying genetic mutations naturally found in the wild.

Are there any health problems with ball pythons?

While they are usually a very healthy animal, they can have some health problems. These are some of the main health problems seen in Ball Pythons and what you can do to help your snake. Inclusion Body Disease is usually a fatal viral disease seen in ball pythons.

Why does my ball python keep looking up?

However, if your ball python is looking up and having difficulty controlling its muscle movement (disorientation, seizures, twisting around, laying on side or back) then it could be ‘stargazing’. Stargazing is often caused by a nervous system disorders, toxins, tumors, infections (meningitis, encephalitis) and more.

What should I do if my ball python is not shedding?

If you are having problems with your snake shedding, check the temperature and humidity of your ball python’s cage. Change the temperature and humidity until your snake’s habitat is back to normal. Also, you can give a warm shallow bath for your snake to get into to help them shed. Watch your snake in the water to make sure that they do not drown.

How often should I talk to my ball python?

Due to the fact that a ball python is easy to care for, most people love and enjoy owning one. The ball python gets used to your touch the more you handle and hold them. You should endeavor to have a chat time with your snake at least once a day.