Why does my bearded dragon have a bump on his beard?

Why does my bearded dragon have a bump on his beard?

Re: Bump on Bearded Dragon’s Beard seems to be growing! It likely is not caused by too much UVB exposure. Cysts are usually benign in nature & have multiple causes such as an injury, an infection, a duct blockage, etc. It would be best to aspirate it to see if there is any infection going on.

Why does my bearded dragon puff up his beard in the morning?

It is probably due to either her shedding, or just morning stretches. When they shed they puff their beard and bodies to try to “pop” the shed, so it’s common in male and female. A lot of them will also do morning stretches, where they puff out their beard a few times in the morning.

Why do bearded dragons have skin around their eyes?

Eye bulging in a bearded dragon is another funny behavior that you might notice. Bearded dragons have a very good peripheral and colored vision, and their eyes are located on the sides of their heads. Nobody knows why exactly they do it, but the most popular belief is that they stretch their skin around the eyes.

What do bearded dragons do to challenge each other?

For example, two male bearded dragons might challenge each other by bobbing their heads. When they approach each other, they will bob their heads until someone backs down. If a bearded dragon backs down, it might lick an alpha (ruler) male’s beard or side of the head to show submission.

Is it normal for bearded dragon beard to turn black?

Luckily, a bearded dragon beard turning black is pretty hard to miss. This means that you’ll have an advantage when it comes to quickly figure out if something could in fact be wrong with your beardie. After all, when it comes to our pet’s health, time is most certainly of the essence.

Is the tail of a bearded dragon flat on the ground?

Most of the time, a bearded dragon’s tail is flat on the ground. But there can be times when you see your bearded dragon curling its tail up in the air while it is walking, or standing with a raised upper body.

Why is my bearded dragon aggressive?

One of the common reasons why your bearded dragon might become aggressive is a hormonal change. This can happen in both males and females. In females, it can be a time when they ovulate. In male bearded dragons, it can be a territorial display for both attracting females or competition.

What is the behavior of a bearded dragon?

Another behavior that the bearded dragons do is the arm-waving. This kind of behavior is being done mostly by the young or female bearded dragons to interpret submission and belongingness. Especially when the young bearded dragons are lost, and an adult found them, waving their arms can warn the adult that they belong to one kind.

Why do bearded dragons close one eye?

Bearded dragons close their eyes when they get pet, because they feel discomfort. They clearly want to tell the owner to stop doing that, because it scares them or they just want to be left alone at the moment.

What is a bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon is a medium-sized lizard native to Australia. It has become an enormously popular pet in the Americas and Europe due to their gentle nature and manageable size. All members of the genus Pogona are bearded dragons, but the species most often found as pets is Pogona vitticeps. There are eight species of bearded dragon in total.