Why does my bearded dragon have a lump on his beard?

Why does my bearded dragon have a lump on his beard?

Re: Bump on Bearded Dragon’s Beard seems to be growing! It likely is not caused by too much UVB exposure. Cysts are usually benign in nature & have multiple causes such as an injury, an infection, a duct blockage, etc. It would be best to aspirate it to see if there is any infection going on.

What is the bump on my bearded dragon’s head?

These lumps are often called blood cysts or blood blisters. By definition, an aneurysm is a localized enlargement of an artery. In bearded dragons, aneurysms can occur in many different places, including on the limbs, over the hips, in the mouth and, most commonly, over the top of the head (cephalic aneurysms).

What kind of disease does a bearded dragon have?

Here are the common bearded dragon disease and symptoms, including metabolic bone disease, tail rot, mouth rot, respiratory infection, atadenovirus, yellow fungus, and constipation. Others are dehydration, impaction, hypocalcemia, cancer, overweight, and ear and eye infections.

Is it normal for bearded dragons to extend their legs?

Remember, it is normal for bearded dragons to extend their hind legs when basking, however if they are doing this abnormally, then touch their toes to see if they move their legs to determine if they are stretching or have a medical issue. Learn how to make sure a bearded dragon’s diet is healthy.

What to do if your bearded dragon has a swollen tail?

If your bearded dragon has a swollen limb or tail seek a qualified veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian can perform x-rays and other tests to determine exactly what’s causing the swelling and prescribe treatment. If you suspect possible Metabolic Bone Disease, seek a qualified veterinarian.

What does it mean when a bearded dragon hisses?

Sometimes a bearded dragon’s beard may turn to a darker or even black color when they are bearding. Hissing– Bearded dragons may also hiss if they feel threatened. Again this is another sign of being uncomfortable or a sign of aggression. Biting- It is fairly obvious that biting is a sign of aggression.