Why does my bearded dragon want to sleep all day?

Having a wrong lighting in the tank might cause your bearded dragon to sleep all day due to complications. Apart from the tank being cold, UVB bulb might not be the suitable one. If it’s too weak – it can cause lack of vitamin D3 and then calcium in your bearded dragon. This can then lead to a Metabolic Bone disease.

Why is my bearded dragon sleeping against the glass?

If your bearded dragon is sleeping with his or her belly pressed up against the glass while standing on their hind legs, he or she could be trying to cool their internal body temperature down due to their tank being too warm or not having proper gradience.

Why is my bearded dragon sleeping on the glass?

Why is my bearded dragon sleeping all day?

In this post, we will talk the reasons on why a bearded dragon might be sleeping a lot or all day, sleeping a lot in spring or summer, brumation and sleeping a lot and not eating issue. If your bearded dragon is over a 12-18 months of age, then it could be starting to brumate.

How does low temperature affect a bearded dragon?

Low temperatures will primary affect digestion. Because of it, your bearded dragon won’t be eating much or at all and will develop constipation. Indigestion and no eating will lead to low energy levels and weight loss.

How can you tell if a bearded dragon is sick?

Your bearded dragon will try to empty its bowels fully before starting brumation. So if your dragon is pooping normally but not eating much, it could indicate brumation. Another sign that your bearded dragon is brumating and not sick is that it should look alert when it opens its eyes. It should lose hardly any weight if at all during brumation.

How long does it take a bearded dragon to adjust to its new home?

Almost all bearded dragons get stressed after relocation. It can take your bearded dragon from around a week to few weeks to get used to its new home. During the first few weeks, your bearded dragon won’t be very active. It is likely to hide more, not eat or bask regularly and be afraid of its surroundings.