Why does my betta have a bulge?

If you see a lump or bump on your betta fish, it’s more likely to be an ulcer or an abscess, both of which can look like tumors at first glance. Other causes of lumps that may be mistaken for tumors include fluid retention, swim bladder disease, and constipation.

Do betta fish get bigger as they get older?

Yes, the betta fish or Siamese fighting fish is a freshwater tropical fish that does grow as it becomes older. Betta fish are considered fully developed once they reach approximately 7 months old but can grow larger depending on their environment and care.

Why is my male betta getting fat?

Dropsy. Infections, tumors, improper water conditions, improper tank mates – all of these things can cause your Betta fish to acquire the Dropsy condition and the “fat Betta fish” nickname.

Can you cure dropsy in betta?

Treatment. The infection causing dropsy is not easily cured. Some experts recommend that all affected fish be euthanized to prevent the spread of the infection to healthy fish.

How can you tell if a betta is underweight?

When viewed from above, if the fish’s head is significantly wider than the body, rather than showing a gradual taper from the front to the back, then the fish is certainly underweight. This Betta has lost a lot of the fat from his caudal peduncle – see the big hollow there?

What to do if a Betta has a hole in its head?

Betta infected with hole in the head have an abrasion on the head that looks like a pinhole or white fuzz. The parasitic infection can be prevented by cleaning water off carbon. Parasite Clear is an antibiotic that can cure the disease. The infected fish usually dies after a few days if it is not treated early enough.

How can I tell if my betta fish has velvet?

By Mydigitalife, via Wikimedia Commons. Velvet is a parasitic betta fish disease that causes a goldish-yellow or rust-like sprinkling of color on the betta’s body, gills, fins – or all three. It’s hard to diagnose and is best identified using a light source, like a flashlight, and shining it on the betta.

How can you tell if a betta is emaciated?

You can see that the deterioration in the past couple of months was severe. This poor guy also has fin rot, but that is very much a secondary issue to his emaciation. You can see how large his head is, compared to his body and especially when compared to a fish in good body condition.

What is the lifespan of a male Betta fish?

2-4 years old
Betta fish lifespan. Betta fish on average live to be 2-4 years old. The length of your betta fish’s life is directly related to the environment you keep them in.