Why does my betta keep going to the bottom?

Why does my betta keep going to the bottom?

One of the most common reasons for a betta laying on the bottom of the tank is that it’s sleeping. Betta fish often enjoy laying on their sides while resting. It’s comfortable for them, even though it looks like very strange behavior to most aquarium keepers. Bettas like a place to rest their (usually) large fins.

Why is my betta randomly flaring?

Flaring is very stressful for your betta. Bettas mostly flare because something in their territory poses a threat to them, and they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. It could be another betta, tank mate, or their reflection. The threat to their territory can make them so stressed out that they cannot even eat.

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Why does Betta sink to the bottom of his tank?

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Why is my Betta laying on the bottom of the tank?

While fin rot may not be the primary reason your betta is lying on the bottom of the tank, it is a nasty and potentially disease that your betta can contract while in a weakened condition. If your betta is lying on the bottom of his tank, make sure to do frequent water changes and vacuuming to prevent waste buildup.

Where does a betta fish go to take a nap?

The fish will often find a comfortable place on the bottom of the aquarium where it will lay and take a nap. Sometimes a betta will snooze on a big leaf, closer to the top of the tank, as that’s where they do it in the wild.

What does it mean when a betta fish is upside down?

Seeing your Betta fish in an upside-down position is a major red flag! Typically, it’s a sign that your fish has swim bladder disease. If they’re still breathing or attempting to move their fins, you can easily tell that there’s still something going on internally.