Why does my bird keep shaking its head?

Head bobbing – This is a normal and healthy behaviour that both male and female cockatiels perform. This means that he/she is trying to impress or showing affection to either you or his/her partner. They also keep their wings slightly open while doing this.

How can you tell if a parakeet has health problems?

If your bird has started perching on the floor rather than on their usual go-to perch, they either have a hurt wing or are too weak to perch. Another, less drastic sign of problems is when a bird who usually perches on one leg starts to perch on two. A dirty vent – always a sign of wet or sticky droppings, which usually indicates health problems.

Why does my parakeet have fluffed up feathers?

Fluffed up feathers. This indicates that your bird is too cold. There are two causes of this — either your cage or aviary is too cold, or the bird is unwell. A cold parakeet may shiver too.

Why does my bird have slimy liquid coming out of its mouth?

Clear slimy liquid coming out of mouth. Thats a sad story about the vet not even taking your bird out of the cage, how could they even know anything if they didnt even feel them. Sometimes if you ask around the pet stores in the area they will be able suggest a good vet that knows birds to you.

Is it normal for a parakeet to pee on paper?

Liquid in the droppings. This is in fact normal for parakeets. The birds excrete a small amount of urine, but you might not even notice it as all the droppings will be falling onto sawdust or paper. If you think there is more liquid than usual then you might want to talk to a vet. Discoloured droppings – green.

What are the symptoms of an ill parakeet?

Listlessness, ruffled feathers, breathing problems, loose green droppings and a gummed up cere are common symptoms. The ill bird will need to visit a vet to verify their condition. Isolation is then vital, and the cage the bird came from will have to be isolated.

Can a parakeet get sick from changing its feathers?

Changing feathers exhausts the bird and it is much easier for him to catch some parakeet illness. While changing feathers the bird can get really nervous. He will sometimes nap a lot while changing feathers and he will be all fluffy with a lot of feathers falling off.

Why does my parakeet have a deformed beak?

Deformed or misshapen beak. This is the work of burrowing mites, and needs treating if the parakeet’s beak – and therefore life – is to be saved. Rapid breathing. This could be due to overheating; but it is also a symptom of illness.

What’s the difference between a male and female parakeet?

Look closely at the color of the cere. According to Bird Tricks, a parakeet with a blue or purple cere is a male bird, while a parakeet with a pink or brown cere is a female bird.