Why does my fish look swollen?

Dropsy refers to a condition in which fish often have hugely swollen bellies, and the continuing use of the term probably has to do with how it so accurately depicts the visual symptom: the belly drops down. Sometimes the condition is also known as bloat.

What causes a female betta fish to be bloated?

If you have a sorority of female betta fish in a tank with a male betta and it’s a female fish that is bloated, it’s possible that condition could be caused by eggs inside the fish.

Why does my Betta have a shock in her bladder?

Shock in fish can be caused by temperature changes, fluctuations in the correct water pH, and frequent changes in the lighting in the tank. In cases of shock, fixing the underlying cause usually cures the swim bladder problem too. There are several ways of treating swim bladder disease, depending on the cause.

Why does my betta fish flip over all the time?

If you have completely ruled out constipation, then another possible reason for your Betta’s bloating could be swim bladder disease. This disease isn’t really a disease. It’s more of a disorder affecting a fish’s buoyancy, causing them to flip over.

What to do if your betta fish has a bowel movement?

Pour one half of your Betta’s tank water into a clean container. For every gallon of water, add one tablespoon of Epsom salt. Soak the fish in the salt solution for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove Betta fish immediately if it shows signs of stress, or if it has a bowel movement.

Is my Betta fat or bloated or sick?

A Betta fish may develop a bloated belly due to overfeeding with nutrient-dense foods or a lack of fiber in its diet. Substandard water quality, bacterial infections, or internal parasites may also contribute to bloat in fish. All of these factors may lead to an expansion of the abdomen in fish and a belly that looks extremely swollen.

Does my Betta have bloat, dropsy, infection?

Bloating in your Betta could also be caused by dropsy , which is usually fatal. The primary symptoms of dropsy are curved spine, pinecone scales, as well as bloating. Internal damage, poor diet, disease, and poor water quality can cause dropsy. By the time your Betta starts showing symptoms of dropsy, it is usually too late to save it.

Why do betta fish float at top?

Floating “gunk” in a bettas tank is often because the fish is over-producing his slime coat. This results in white coloured gunk on the top and in the water. If this is what is going on here, the only solution is a bigger tank.