Why does my fish seem dead?

Why does my fish seem dead?

They are either ill, have a short supply of oxygen, or their water tank has become too dirty. Therefore, the first thing you need to notice is why your fish is acting all strange. The first thing to check is the temperature of their water. If the water is too cold or too hot, your fish will become inactive.

Why are all the goldfish in my pond dying?

The fish that are dying are a mixture of old and young but only goldfish and comets. Our local Ripples store told us that lots of people have complained of losing fish suddenly, over the last few weeks but they have lost other types of fish too, not just goldfish. I would be interested to hear if anyone has any idea’s on the cause, or the cure.

What to do if a goldfish is on the brink of death?

If only one or some of your goldfish are sick or on the brink of death, separate infected goldfish from the healthy ones. This can help prevent healthy fish from developing diseases or dying. It’s a good idea to have a so-called “hospital tank” for sick fish. Only return fish to a tank once they’re healthy.

Why did my Koi die in the pond?

So if it’s a dead fish with white, cotton wool-like growth on its side, it may be a female fish which spawned and then died from secondary infection. It is, of course, possible that your pond fish has died from old age, although expect koi and goldfish to live for twenty years or more in an outside pond.

What should I Feed my Goldfish that is dying?

Some fish may have swim bladder disease that is not helped by changing the tank water. Feeding your fish veggies, such as frozen peas, and low protein food may help alleviate a swim bladder disease. Frozen peas are a good choice because they’re rich in fiber and they sink to the tank and your goldfish won’t have to search for it at the surface.

What are the symptoms of a dying goldfish?

With that said, the typical signs of Impending death in goldfish are: Thinness, not eating, gulping air from the top, sitting on the bottom for days or weeks, red sores or burst tumors on the body, excessively torn fins and a rotting tail, redness or abnormal darkening in the gills,…

Why is my Goldfish turning white and dying?

Goldfish have pigment in their skin that reacts to light. When their skin is deprived of light or they have less exposure, this impacts on their skin. Over time, they can lose their colour and turn white.

Why are my GloFish dying?

If the glowfish were healthy when you got them and the other fish in the aquarium are healthy, the most likely cause for losing the glowfish is the shock of being put into a new aquarium. All aquarium water is not the same, and fish need to be slowly acclimated to their new environment.

Why are my pond fish dying?

Overcrowding and overfeeding, two common causes of pond fish death, create lethal situations by reducing the amount of oxygen available and by increasing the amount of waste, which then increases the ammonia and nitrite levels. Prevent overfeeding by removing any food left after five minutes.