Why does my golden retriever have floppy ears?

Why does my golden retriever have floppy ears?

Reason #1 – Golden Retrievers tend to have long thick hair, even around their ears. This extra hair holds in warmth and moisture, creating the perfect environment to grow bacteria and yeast. Reason #2 – Golden Retrievers have floppy ears.

What should I use to clean my golden retriever’s ears?

You should then consider cleaning your Retriever’s ears. When cleaning the inner ear of your Retriever, you should use a damp cotton ball with canine ear solution. Always start from the inside of the ear and work your way slowly to the outside, removing the debris along the way.

Can a golden retriever get an ear infection?

When the wax accumulates it creates an environment that encourages bacteria and yeast to grow, thus causing an ear infection. All breeds of dogs can get ear infections, but the floppy-eared dogs, like Golden Retrievers (or Basset Hounds as an extreme example) are more prone to these infections compared to dogs that have ears that stand straight up.

What happens if your ear flap fills up with blood?

But if done excessively, an ear hematoma can form. An ear hematoma can cause the ear flap to partially or completely fill up with blood. If the swelling is large enough it can cover the opening of the ear canal. The extra weight of the earflap can cause some discomfort, and may also lead to a permanent change in the carriage of the ears.

Why does my golden retriever have one ear flap swollen?

In direct answer to your question : While I cannot diagnose this over the internet from your description it is highly likely that your Golden Retriever is suffering from what is called an aural haematoma.

What’s the best ear cleaner for Golden Retrievers?

One of my favorite ear cleaners for golden retrievers is Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner. It is very affordable and available on Amazon. Prevention is the best plan of attack. We all love our dogs.

What should I do if my golden retriever has an ear infection?

Keep your dog’s ears clean – You can clean your dog’s ears with an over the counter ear cleaner or one recommended by your veterinarian. You should clean the ears after bathing or swimming, if your dog starts to scratch the ears or shake their head, or when you start seeing a buildup of wax in the ears.

What should I do about my dog’s swollen ear flap?

This method is generally successful, but the dog must tolerate the discomfort of the cannula in the earflap, while it drains fluid. If the ear hematoma is left alone, it will eventually resolve itself. The fluid will re-absorb back into the body and the earflap will no longer bulge. Unfortunately, excessive scarring can occur.