Why does my guinea pig have scabs on his ears?

Why does my guinea pig have scabs on his ears?

Some parasites live under the skin of guinea pigs, including ringworm, which is a fungal infection. Scabs are most commonly found around the head, face and ears but can spread across the back and legs. Your vet can prescribe a course of anti-fungal medication to get rid of the infection.

What’s wrong with my guinea pig’s ear?

Ear infections are rare in guinea pigs. However, when they do occur, it is usually the result of bacterial infections such as pneumonia or other respiratory diseases. If the ear infections spread from the middle ear to the inner ear, it can become quite serious, even affecting parts of the nervous system.

How do I know if my guinea pig has ear mites?

The guinea pig may be seen scratching and shaking its head and the wax in the ears may appear dirty and reddish brown (sometimes just described as “dark”). A dried sugary exudate has been described in some guinea pigs, which may be an early case of psoroptes cuniculi.

What is the white stuff on my guinea pig’s ear?

All your guinea pigs’ ears should be free from crust and white marks. If there are any white marks then this could indicate a fungal infection, and your guinea pig will need to see a vet.

Are you supposed to clean guinea pigs ears?

Like us, guinea pigs can suffer from a buildup of ear wax and dried skin. To prevent discomfort or mite infection, ears should be cleaned 2-3 times a year, depending on the needs of your little critters.

What happens when a guinea pig has an ear infection?

An ear infection is a rare medical condition that commonly occurs when a guinea pig is suffering from a bacterial infection, such as pneumonia or other respiratory diseases. Severe cases of an ear infection can affect the nervous system and cause an inability to walk, rolling to one side, and head tilt.

How do you give a guinea pig ear drops?

Ear drops should be administered by slightly tilting your guinea pig’s head to the side, and holding their head in the same position after applying the medicine to prevent your guinea pig from shaking the drops out.

How many different sounds does a guinea pig make?

The term “variety” describes a color (eg, steel grey, tortoiseshell) that is not yet a recognized breed. Guinea pigs have between 7 and 11 distinct sound patterns, or calls. Although different researchers have given different names to each unique sound, there is general agreement on at least 7 sounds.

What does a wire haired Abyssinian guinea pig look like?

The short, wire-haired Abyssinian may look unhealthy because its coat is arranged in whorls or rosettes, giving it a ruffled, untidy appearance. An undercoat and projecting guard hairs make up the normal fur coat of a cavy.