Why does my guinea pig keep blinking?

Guinea Pigs Blinking A lot This is a result of something in their eyes, such as dust or debris from their bedding or hay. When your guinea pig blinks it is to clean the eyes. As their eyes are located quite low to the ground compared to other animals, it is quite common for dust to interfere with their eyes.

How many times a day does a guinea pig blink?

They actually hardly blink. Most of the day, it will be with his eyelids wide open – even when sleeping, yes! Unlike us humans, they don’t need to blink 15 times each minute in order to keep their eyes moist, so if they do blink it can be probably due to some dust got into their eyes, or dry weather conditions.

Why is my guinea pig having a hard time breathing?

Some respiratory infections, though, are sneaky. When they ​progress into pneumonia, antibiotics alone might not do the job. Guinea pigs with advanced respiratory infections sometimes start to accumulate fluid in the lungs. Not only does this make it hard to breathe, but it makes the infection harder to treat.

Why is my guinea pig making weird noises?

If your guinea pig is making some weird noises (wheezing) while breathing or is breathing from their mouth, then it definitely an alarming situation. As guinea pigs are nose breathers and breathing from mouth indicates their nose is blocked or they have some serious respiratory issue.

How to tell if a guinea pig has a respiratory infection?

Recognize the symptoms early. Because respiratory infections are so common, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the symptoms. According to Guinea Lynx, symptoms of an upper respiratory infection in guinea pigs include: Refusal to eat or drink. No feces (as a result of not eating) Labored breathing, wheezing.

What to do if your guinea pig has lung problems?

Any ocular or nasal discharge or rapid breathing is abnormal in a guinea pig — get a pig displaying these symptoms to a knowledgeable vet immediately. Aggressive, appropriate antibiotic therapy may save her life. Unfortunately, if lung damage is too severe, the prognosis is poor. Was YOUR Pet Food Recalled?

Why does my guinea pig make a clicking noise?

Teeth chattering or hissing is when your cavies produce a low-pitched clicking sound followed by a rapid sequence of loud squeaks. As previously mentioned, they usually make this sound when they’re angry or annoyed, and it can even mean they are showing dominance towards other Guinea pigs, especially when you introduce cavies the first time .

What do guinea pigs do to show affection?

A guinea pig might also lick their person’s fingers/hand, which can be a sign of affection — after all, that’s how guinea pigs show affection to one another. Or the guinea pig might just like the taste of a person’s skin.

Why does my guinea pig purr like a cat?

Just like cats, Guinea pigs purr for a variety of reasons, but their way of purring isn’t the same way as cats do. Your cavy’s purr isn’t as high-pitched as the cat’s and it is more like a combination between the sound of a low purr of a feline and a grumble of a canine.

Can a guinea pig open its eyes while sleeping?

It is likely you will never see your guinea pig’s eyelids because guinea pigs rarely close their eyes — even while sleeping! Yes, all those times you thought your guinea pig was in deep thought or mesmerized by the new light fixture overhead, they might very well have been taking a quick catnap.

Why is my guinea pig not affectionate?

These little creatures naturally in the wild live in groups, if they have one or more guinea pigs in the cage it will drastically improve their mental well being. If your guinea pig is not affectionate the reason for this is probably because it feels lonely and depressed.