Why does my guinea pig make a sneeze sound?

One very common sound that you may hear your guinea pig make is a sneeze. While very high-pitched, it still sounds like a sneeze that humans and animals make all of the time. This sound is quite easy to identify, and it can be quite indicative of a few things regarding your guinea pig’s health and environment.

What to do if your guinea pig sneezes all the time?

If sneezing tends to be a problem with your guinea pig, though, you should look into ways to help prevent that. First of all, you should check to make sure that it isn’t an upper respiratory infection. If a guinea pig as a URI, they can only be cured with antibiotics — not through a change in their diet or environment.

Why does my guinea pig have a runny nose?

If your guinea pig is sneezing and has a runny nose and crusty eyes, then it can be a sign of Upper respiratory infection (URI). I would suggest to look out for more symptoms like Refusal to eat or drink, labored breathing, Discharge from eyes or nose, Lethargy, etc.

Why does my guinea pig cough when I pick them up?

Some guinea pigs make a coughing or sneezing noise when you try to pick them up (a rare problem). This could be because they are allergic to something that you have worn. It could be some fragrance or your body moisturizer or anything similar. Guinea pigs have a sensitive sense of smell that can get irritated very easily.

Why is my guinea pig making a wheezing sound?

Fast or labored breathing can be a signal your guinea pig has an upper respiratory infection, a common ailment among guinea pigs. A clicking or crackling sound from the lungs often accompanies dyspnea, as well as sneezing, wheezing and discharge from the nose and/or eyes.

Is it bad if guinea pig sneezes?

If your guinea pig has only been sneezing a couple of times a day, than that is normal. However, if your guinea pig is sneezing a lot (or just more than usual) that could be a sign of a URI (upper respiratory infection). This is a very serious condition and guinea pigs can die very quickly from it if not treated early.

What does it mean if guinea pig make noises?

Just like other animals, guinea pigs make noises to communicate both with one another. They also make noise to communicate with humans . For example, a guinea pig squeaking in long whistles to its owner is communicating hunger or excitement.

Do guinea pigs like loud noises?

Unfortunately they don’t like loud noises at all. Guinea pigs like a nice settled environment and get startled very easily at any unforeseen noises. This means that any bangs, blaring noise or such like, does not go down well with them and they are likely to run off and hide.

What to do if your guinea pig is sneezing?

If your guinea pig is sneezing and has one or more of the signs above, then get them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. With antibiotics your guinea pig has a fighting chance of making it through this infection. Without them, pneumonia can quickly develop and it can be fatal.

Why does my guinea pig squeak when I Walk in the room?

Guinea pigs are prey animals, so it can be a little easy to spook them. If you enter a room too fast, or they hear an unfamiliar noise, they might let out a little squeak in response. This kind of squeak sounds like a “drr” sound. They can be quite jumpy, too.